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Bucks County Community College

A digital check-in solution to provide a smooth student experience

Bucks County Community College
The program itself is easy to use and staff learned how to use it very quickly. We were actually able to set Qminder up in our vestibule with a few chairs and benches for students to sit and wait their turn.

Aaron Krassner

Director of Testing







Bucks County Community College, or Bucks for short, is a community college in southeast Pennsylvania. Founded in 1964, Bucks manages its 10,000 full-time and part-time students with the help of Qminder’s queuing software.


year founded

10 000

full-time and part-time students


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First-grade queuing for first-grade students

One of the most important departments at any college is the Enrollment Services department, which helps students find information about their accounts, financial aid, admissions, and records.

That’s potentially tens of thousands of regular interactions between students and administration, all taking up time to resolve.

The sign-in method that Bucks Community College initially used — a clipboard with sign-in sheets — did not help alleviate the problem.

This method did not allow for accurate record-keeping, as students often ignored the clipboard or did not fill in all of the information.

To improve the visiting and enrollment experience, Bucks Community College decided that they need a queue management system that can:

  • Manage and measure the number of walk-ins
  • Offer a virtual queuing experience
  • Divide lines into distinct, manageable categories
Bucks Qminder TV setup

Bucks Community College aims to build a lasting relationship with students by making enrollment a breeze.


Top-of-the-class student management

Bucks Community College has partnered with Qminder to vastly improve the check-in and waiting experience for students.

The simple setup consists of an iPad-based check-in kiosk and an Apple TV that displays a real-time waitlist. The iPad has a custom design, complete with the Bucks logo and brand colors.

The updated queuing process looks like this: a student first signs into the kiosk, filling out all the necessary information (name, student ID, reasons for visit, etc.).

Then, as they wait in a lobby, they can track their queue progress by watching the monitor.

The Enrollment Services department also has a computer in the vestibule in case a student needs to log into their account as they wait.

As for the layout in the Testing Center, the waitlist monitor is mounted to the wall in a hallway, right next to the check-in kiosk and the center doors.

Students can sit in the hallway, and there is another monitor that shows important information and plays soft music for relaxation.

Bucks Qminder iPad setup

Qminder features used

kiosk

Waitlist TV

SMS messaging

Service dashboard



A+ results for Qminder

The staff at Bucks quickly picked up a new tool and learned how to accurately measure their performance and keep records.

The system helps keep note of the number of visitors, know their reason for visit, see which time of day is busiest, and more.

The performance metrics were especially helpful when planning shifts and moving staff around when needed. Equipped with relevant, up-to-date information, the administration is no longer shooting in the dark when making service decisions.

The administrators can monitor the numbers from the comfort of their office and supervise the situation without being physically present.

“Qminder makes the front desk feel less chaotic. The staff now have the ability to call students in when they’re ready for them and to prepare materials ahead of time if necessary.”

Bucks County Community College waiting area

Learning points

Bucks County Community College shows how to successfully manage a great number of visitors looking for vastly different services while providing a first-class experience.

When it comes to student satisfaction, no aspect is too small. Across campus and beyond it, queuing is an integral part of student life and experience.

Ignoring it results in inadequate quality of service, student and staff frustration, and ultimately, poor college rankings.

Thanks to Qminder, Buck Community college has made astonishing progress and continues to enhance its student experience. Improving one’s service, much like learning, is a never-ending process.