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Harvest Cannabis Dispensary

Delivering personalized experiences to walk-in customers

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary
Qminder has a ton of great features that employees and customers have both enjoyed. The biggest change for us has been the ease of looking at analytics.

Amy Wood

General Manager


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Harvest is a cannabis dispensary that was established to provide an alternative way of healing. It is a women-owned company that invests in the experience of both its customers and staff.


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Suffering from success

Cannabis dispensaries are an emerging industry that experiences an increasing amount of interest by consumers.

Prior to implementing Qminder, Harvest Cannabis Dispensary used another queue management solution that had connection problems, notification-related issues, and ultimately caused more harm than good.

However, a queuing solution was still something that Harvest needed to manage its customer traffic.

Another issue was analytics. Harvest Cannabis wanted to have real-time customer and wait time data so they could more effectively manage their services.

That’s why the dispensary decided to look for another queue software, one that could:

  • Automate the check-in process
  • Offer in-depth service data
  • Help avoid service interruptions
Harvest Cannabis

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary wants to offer premium consumer experiences and minimize frustration from waiting in line.


Staying out of the weeds

The big selling point of Qminder was that it’s an entirely web-based solution.

As such, it doesn’t require a lot in terms of setting it up, and there are no outstanding hardware and software requirements.

Despite coming at a lower price than their previous solution, Qminder offers Harvest Cannabis Dispensary a wide breadth of features and functionalities.

Last but not least is support, which was lacking if nonexistent previously. Qminder has helped not only with the setup but also with onboarding and maintenance.

This was a breath of fresh air for Harvest who now feel more motivated and well-equipped to tackle great customer service.

Harvest Cannabis

Qminder features used

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Roll up and roll out

Ever since adopting Qminder, the average wait times have gone down significantly.

Aside from the wait time numbers, one of the biggest upsides of using Qminder is getting to personalize Harvest Cannabis’ service.

They’ve added profile pictures of their employees and assigned specific desks to different line categories.

Then there are flexible filtering and labeling options, with employees being able to filter out specific lines and add helpful notes to customer profiles.

All of this is at the fingertips of each employee. Clerks and managers alike can check the situation in real-time, from their phones.

Harvest Cannabis

Learning points

Harvest Cannabis Dispensary promises quality treatment “with compassion, convenience, and expertise.”

They are keeping the end of the bargain even in the smallest detail, by offering personalized customer services.

Any consumer visiting their premises can immediately recognize what sets them apart: it’s the friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and positive attitude.