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North Kansas City Hospital

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North Kansas City Hospital
There were two main factors for choosing Qminder: cost and ease of user interface. Qminder is extremely simple to use from an end-user standpoint and we were really impressed with the ease of setup to go-live compared to other solutions.

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North Kansas City Hospital is an acute-care facility with 451 licensed beds and more than 500 physicians providing a wide breadth of medical services.




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average wait time


A poor queue management syndrome

Even today, many hospitals and healthcare professionals ignore that the waiting experience is a big part of the overall patient experience.

Prior to implementing Qminder, North Kansas City Hospital did not have a proper queue management system.

A registrar at the front desk would typically write down the names of patients on a piece of paper. The registrar would then call up the waiting patient when it was their turn.

The more patients came in, the more challenging it was to keep everything in check and remember the order that patients arrived.

It became apparent that a hospital cannot function without a digital queuing system that can:

  • Automate the check-in and waiting process
  • Notify and call up the patients
  • Utilize reporting tools to analyze visit metrics
North Kansas City Hospital iPad setup

North Kansas City Hospital prides itself on providing a lifetime of care to the Northland community and beyond.


Treating the wait time problem

When choosing the right queue management system, North Kansas City Hospital looked for a cost-effective solution that was easy to use.

Qminder fit the bill on both accounts. The staff at North Kansas City Hospital were impressed with the ease of setup and intuitiveness.

North Kansas City Hospital iPad setup

Qminder features used

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Waitlist TV



Patients and patience

Since adopting Qminder, the average wait time at North Kansas City Hospital has dropped down from 10-15 minutes to 2-3 minutes or less.

This number is corroborated by patient feedback: May 2021, patients would verbally complain about slow check-ins.

A self-check-in has helped alleviate this problem. Most patients at North Kansas City Hospital happily use the new system, and those few who choose not to are easily checked into by the staff.

The fact that queues are operated virtually means that the order of patients in any given line can be rearranged without causing any confusion or discomfort.

North Kansas City Hospital dashboard

Learning points

A patient’s experience is not limited to how well their treatment goes. The experience starts the moment they walk through the door and join the line.

North Kansas City Hospital proves that it pays to focus on solving the wait time of patients.

The positive feedback they’ve gotten is a sign that their commitment to fairness and comfort did not go unnoticed.