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Okaloosa County Clerk of Court

Managing citizen experience at a county courthouse

Okaloosa County Clerk of Court
What we all like about Qminder is how efficient it has made our office and the wide variety of data feedback it gives us.

Sherry L. Johnson

Customer Service Manager at Okaloosa County Clerk of Court


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Unlike other courthouse, the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court puts emphasis on their service being not only fast but also personalized and pleasant.

Florida, US

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Managing visitors with different issues

The Okaloosa County Clerk of Court is located in Florida, US. It offers a wide variety of court-related services.

These services include traffic tickets, injunctions, small claims, marriage licenses and dissolutions, passport applications, and more.

The Okaloosa Courthouse operates in two locations:

  1. Okaloosa Courthouse Annex Extension, which gets 200+ guests a day.
  2. Okaloosa Courthouse in Crestview, which gets 80+ guests a day.

With a large number of daily visitors, each coming with their own unique issue, Okaloosa had to rebuild their visitor management strategy. They did this with the help from Qminder — a provider of a digital queue management solution.

Okaloosa courthouse

Okaloosa is committed to providing excellent customer service by being fast, responsive and transparent.


Walk-in management and remote queuing

The chief reason why Qminder has been chosen by Okaloosa was its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Nothing showcased this better than the initial setup of the new line management system. By their own admission, Okaloosa employees managed to get Qminder up and running in just a few minutes.

Since introducing the Qminder system, Okaloosa has marked a significant improvement in wait time reduction and customer satisfaction. The new queuing setup allows each customer to be connected to a relevant service team who can solve their issue in the most efficient way.

Even during COVID-19 lockdown, Okaloosa visitors received fast service, by being able to check in and have their matters resolved, up to and including obtaining marriage licenses, remotely.

The queues at Okaloosa are now properly organized, with visitors knowing exactly when to expect their turn and which window they need to go to.

A strong aspect of customer service that Qminder brought to the table was personalization. From getting to use customers’ names when interacting with them to picking a picture that shows on the screen when the customer is called up.

Okaloosa courthouse

Qminder features used

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A queuing tool tailored to its user

One of Qminder’s standout features is the level of customization it allows.

Everything — from lines and text messages to the design of iPads — can be adapted to the unique feel and look of the organization.

A history of visitor interactions also proved of great use. It lets employees see at a glance which clerk served the customers, what service was provided, how the communication went, and the exact service metrics of the interaction.

Analytics in general is something that Qminder excels at. The Okaloosa team can measure their daily or weekly visitor volume, see their peak hours, and even monitor employee performance.

Okaloosa courthouse

Learning points

With the help of Qminder, the Okaloosa Courthouse managed to achieve a smoother, more pleasant waiting experience for its customers.

The Okaloosa team has received widespread support from their customers. They are seeing a lot of positive feedback on social media, which further proves they’ve made the right decision to focus on the experience and comfort.

  • Allow for remote check-in options
  • Segment your service into distinct, separate categories
  • Use customer analytics to improve the quality of service