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7 Ways Qminder Helps Improve Customer Experience

In our day and age, customer experience is something many companies claim they embrace but ultimately still fail to provide. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo? Today, 87% of customers want companies to provide a more consistent customer experience.

Businesses who do more than just pay lip service to customer experience see a clear advantage over companies in the same industry. This advantage comes in the form of customer loyalty, marketing successes — and, most importantly, revenue.

There is a clear uptrend in customers spending more money with companies excelling at customer experience.

Where to start with building experiences your customers will want to come back for? Start with exploring Qminder and what it has to offer. There is a number of benefits to the Qminder queue management system.

Below, we’ve outlined 7 ways how Qminder can help you with providing a personal customer experience. Though we advise you to read the entire article, feel free to jump to any section you like.

  1. Tailored Experience
  2. Motivated Employees
  3. Feeling of Innovation
  4. Clear Communication
  5. Empowered Customers
  6. Personalized Upsells
  7. Ease of Use

1. Tailored experience

personal customer experience

Let’s not beat around the bush and start things off by pulling out the big guns. Qminder’s key value proposition is that it helps you make your services more personalized.

In theory, treating everyone equally sounds good. It is easy to confuse this approach with consistency.

Customization, however, isn’t an empty word nor is it a fad. To get in the good graces of your customers, you need to start off on the right foot — or the right name, in this case.

Qminder lets your visitors not only sign in using their names but also enter any other relevant personal information (e.g. their name, personal preferences and needs). As a result, you greet visitors in an intimate way as soon as they walk in, and have a chance to offer personalized experiences.

All this information you obtain from electronic sign-in helps you adapt and tailor your services to each individual customer, making them feel special and wanted.

Worried about data security? Scroll to the end of the article, where we explore Qminder and security.

2. Motivated employees

Employees are the cornerstone of any business. Good customer experiences hinge on motivated staff who feel proud to do their work.

It’s all well and good, but how do you actually motivate your employees? The first part of this equation is giving your employees the tools they need to perform their work at the level they want. If they need to constantly jump through the hoops to get the simplest things done, you bet they wouldn’t feel motivated

The second part involves recognizing and rewarding each individual employee. To do that, you need to be able to track business performance on a bigger as well as smaller scale. If an employee’s outstanding performance is being rewarded, they understand that:

  1. Their efforts don’t go unnoticed.
  2. It pays to keep doing your best.

Qminder is a tool that motivates employees by both giving them easy-to-use tools and recording their progress. Qminder’s focus on Service Intelligence allows you to get an in-depth overview of how well your customer service effort are doing — and, in case of any issues, swoop in and fix it.

3. Feeling of innovation

innovative customer experience solution

Innovation is the lifeblood of many businesses nowadays. In the world that grows more competitive by the minute, you always need to not only stay ahead of the rest but also set new standards.

Cynics might compare this to dangling a shiny toy in front of a kid, but the truth is a bit more nuanced than that. The taste of your average customer is more refined than how it used to be, be it the result of more accessible information, emergence of pro-consumer movement or something else.

Among the companies pitching to this new breed of customers, the only way to stand out is to offer something unique — from products to customer service. 84% of customers say it is important or very important that the company they buy from is innovative.

This may sound self-evident for electronics (83%) and automotive (75%) industries, but even in insurance — a textbook “boring” industry — exclusivity tempts many a customer (52%).

When it comes to the feel of innovativeness, first impressions count. What better way to communicate your innovative mindset to a new visitor than to have a sleek sign-in device right where they can see it?

Imagine — an iPad in your brand colors, with attractive design and neat animations. To capture your customers’ hearts, you first need to catch their eyes.

4. Clear communication

The worst aspect of regular queuing is that, most of the time, you are left in the dark, with no regard for your feelings. There’s no way for you to know your queue status and estimate how much time you have to wait.

To start customer service on the right foot with Qminder, you can set up automatic welcome messages. Once a customer signs in, they’ll be greeted.

Qminder TV is the crux of better customer communication. The screen shows up to 21 names of customers currently waiting in line, making it easier to tell at a glance how many people need to be catered to.

Once a visitor’s turn comes, the TV plays a sound and shows not only the visitor’s name, but also the name and the picture of a service person as well as the reception desk number. This eliminates confusion that is characteristic of most waiting areas.

The best part is that your customers don’t need to be physically present at your location when they’re waiting. If you ask and collect their phone numbers at the sign-in stage, you can connect with them via SMS messages.

Set up automatic texts to welcome your customers, inform them of their place in the queue, and alert them once their turn comes. You can alse use SMS as a chat option — talk to visitors about their concerns, needs, or simply engage them with small talk.

Qminder not only alleviates the common pain points of waiting but also effectively bridges the gap between you and your customers.

5. Empowered customers

customer self-service

Numbers don’t lie: 90% of consumers now expect a brand or organization to offer a self-service customer support. At the very least, a mobile self-service option is expected of you.

What makes self-service so attractive? A one-word answer to that is “independence”. At least 50% of customers want to solve product or service issues on their own.

It may feel strange to give the proverbial wheel to a customer, but hear us out. By giving your customers agency, you not only communicate the level of confidence in their own abilities, but you also make it easier for both of you to proceed with the services.

Since a customer effectively takes care of customer service, the actual process is faster and smoother on their end. Even in the case of more high-level procedures, once they get the hang of it, they end up being more flexible, knowledgeable and better informed customers.

That is not to say that you need to get rid of your customer support, stat. But it certainly pays off to not take your customer base for addle-brained simpletons and let them explore your products and services on their own.

6. Personalized upsells

Have you ever followed up on Amazon’s recommendation of “Customers who bought this product also bought that product”? Or have you tuned to a TV show just because Netflix convinced you that “You might enjoy these titles”?

Both companies manage to successfully upsell to their customers and enhance their experience, by pulling off this basic marketing tactic.

But perhaps “basic” isn’t the right word. While it’s not hard to make these targeted product recommendations, it is difficult to make them feel seamless. For an upsell to succeed, it needs to be relevant and personal.

Relevancy is based on historical data that you have at your disposal. Research your customers’ shopping behavior, interests and needs, and then suggest products based on these trends.

The personal part is the way you package these recommendations. Customized messages are a great tool to not only capture a visitor’s attention but also build trust. Identify your customers by name.

Qminder equips you with all the information you need to make your upsells both relevant and personal. This way, you can get additional revenue while getting loyal brand advocates.

7. Ease of use

easy to use customer service solution

How useful all these perks would be if Qminder wasn’t intuitive and it took great pains to learn how to use it? Thankfully, Qminder adheres to the “plug and play” philosophy of modern devices — installation takes minutes, with no software to download and no extra steps required.

But let’s not toot our own horn too hard. The reason why you should care about Qminder’s ease of use is that this ease of use extends to your services, too. According to Salesforce, 74% of customers will likely switch brands if they found the purchasing process too difficult.

And it’s not just about messy UI or complicated service procedures— you need to take into account the consequence of too many choices. When dealing with living human beings, it’s always better to err on the side of intuitiveness.

The world “streamlined” is thrown around quite a lot these days — we’ll be the first to admit we’re also guilty of this — but there’s simply no other word that covers this point quite as well.

In the end, if you want new customers feel at home in your store, you need to make it feel like home — comfortable, relaxed, and void of burdens.

Qminder and security

Though privacy and security aren’t as relevant to customer experience, it’s important to cover this issue as well. After all, identity theft is a major cause for heartburn among customers. Let’s see where Qminder stands on this issue.

(Be warned: you’re going to see the word “encrypt” a lot.)

Like Netflix, Atlassian, Kellogg’s and Time Inc., we are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store sensitive data. Data is backed up daily, then encrypted and stored in S3. Qminder uses encrypted communications (HTTPS) on all web resources as well as encrypts passwords with strong algorithms.

Databases are accessible only through the Qminder web servers using encrypted communication channel. For user authentication, we provide optional single sign-on (SSO).

We understand that security isn’t a one-time thing that you can “achieve” once and put it aside. Privacy policies and measures are being constantly updated, and it’s our responsibility to always keep abreast of the times.

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While Qminder is, at the surface, a queue management system, its chief benefits are mainly in the realm of customer experience. That’s because queue management is not a standalone aspect of business but a distinctive part of customer service.

If you’re interested in providing advanced customer experiences — and there are no reasons why you shouldn’t be — you should definitely stick with using Qminder. Explore the features you’ve likely ignored so far, and make the most out of our powerful arrange of tools.


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