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How to access Qminder’s free trial?

Every company has different needs regarding queue management.

We see that 93% of people signing up for the free trial never get to properly test whether Qminder is the right solution for managing their queues. This is why we offer a demo call before providing access to the 14-day free trial.

You have two options:

1. Schedule a free demo call

Our account managers Maris and Raul have talked to thousands of different organizations and can help you set up your demo account in a way that most benefits your company.

Also, you’ll get answers to any queueing or product-related questions.

After the call, you’ll have 14 days to make sure that Qminder is the right fit for your company.

Need more time for testing?

No worries, just contact our support and we’ll extend your trial. No questions asked.

Save yourself the pain of figuring out new software all on your own and let us show you how we’ve designed it to work.

Schedule a discovery call today ⬇

Book a demo

2. Request a free trial

If you’re not yet ready for a demo and want to try Qminder on your own, you can access the free trial by providing more information about your use case and request a free trial through this link —> Try Qminder for free. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you in 48h. Looking forward to hearing more about your queues!


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