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Qminder Blog 2018: A Year in Review

With 2018 waving to us from the window of a leaving train, it’s time to look back and see how far we’ve come.

Picking your favorite articles is like picking a favorite kid (i.e., it’s possible, you simply don’t announce it out loud). But just for you, dear audience, we sat down and racked our brains over which content deserves patting on the back the most.

There was some back-and-forth but, luckily, we managed to do it without even breaking into a knife fight. Here you go: the very best of the Qminder Blog in 2018.

Let’s jump right in!

But first, a couple of words about how we’ve categorized our articles. Reading a list is kind of boring, so we broke our content down into three groups: Educational, Inspirational, and Entertaining.

Feel free to jump in to any category that tickles your fancy:


It’s never too late to learn, and with Qminder you’re learning all year round. In 2018, we’ve published some of the more high-brow, educational and — dare we say it? — cerebral content yet.

The Power of Using Customer Names

importance customer names

“What’s in a name?” a poet famously asked. If he had read the article, perhaps he wouldn’t have to wonder. Names are more than useful labels; in the right hands, they are a powerful customer service tool.


How to Win Back the Hearts of Customers

win back customers

Like any relationship, customer relationship has its ups and downs. This article teaches you what to do to mend broken hearts and win your sweetheart back.


Why You Should Listen to Your Customers (And Why You Shouldn’t)

why listen to customers

Communication is 90% listening. Or is it? This article takes a deeper look at the statement we regard as fact (“You should always listen to customers”) and offers some counterpoints.


Building Workplace Happiness in Customer Service [Part 1]

improve employee happiness

Your job shouldn’t just provide you with money. It should also provide you with meaningful experiences. Does your work make you happy? If your answer isn’t a resounding HELL YES, we might have a problem on our hands.


Nurturing Workplace Happiness in Customer Service [Part 2]

improve employee happiness

Part 2 of our treatise on workplace happiness focuses on what a good manager does to make employees happy and fulfilled. Simple math doesn’t apply to happiness: when it’s shared between several people, it only grows bigger.


Back in the USSR — The Art of Soviet Queues

soviet union queues

Whenever you, for whatever reason, talk to an older gentleman from Eastern Europe and he starts reminiscing about the “good old days”, just save yourself some time and give him a link to this article.



We’ve all been guilty of sitting on our hands, waiting for a muse to appear and guide us. Inspiration is a key part of doing anything remotely ambitious, and our awe-inspiring content from 2018 has got that covered.

iShop Guatemala: How to Reduce Wait Time by Half

case study companies

In 2018, we’ve published 11 case studies. We wish we could’ve published more, but there are only so many hours in a day. The iShop case study here is among our finest creations.


Beacon OHSS: A New Approach to Customer Service

case study company

Beacon OHSS is a company that knows what it wants, and what it wants is to be the best provider of “rock-star customer service”. A bold ambition, but Beacon certainly pulls it off.


The Key to Succeeding Like an Apple Store

secret of apple success

Do you want to enjoy the same level of success as Apple? Trick question; of course you do. We don’t claim to know all of their secrets, but these blueprints to success are a definite start.



Did you know that Q in Qminder stands for “quirky”? (Probably not, because it’s a damned lie.)

We at Qminder aren’t all business suits and ties. We like fooling around too, especially if it helps us get some point across.

007 James Bond Skills of a Great Customer Service Agent

customer service agent skills

Have you ever imagined yourself being on Her Majesty’s service? Turns out, you don’t need to work at MI6 to become a world-class agent.


A Gentleman’s Guide to Queuing Etiquette

how to behave in queues

Has your mother taught you to be a real gentleman? Well, do you know how to behave in queues? Thought so. Thank god we’ve got this Gentleman’s Guide to Queuing Etiquette handy.


Examples of Customer Service, As Shown on TV

tv examples customer service

Whoever said TV is bad for you has clearly not read our article. TV is a great teacher of all things customer service — and we’ve got examples to prove it.


Numbers Do Lie, or a Story of the Most Patient Visitor Ever

customer service story

Last but certainly not least, we have a Shakespearean tragedy in two acts, or some would say a horror story: a lady enters a building, never to return. (Ok, we lied about the “never” part.)


What do you think, guys? Did we miss some article that you really enjoyed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Hope you all had incredible holidays!

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