best queue management articles 2021

Best of 2021: Qminder’s Top Queue Management Articles

It seems that the Q in Qminder stands not only for “queue” but also for “quantity”. The number of articles we published in 2021 is staggering — enough words to fill your average novel.

But for now, let’s focus on the other other Q — quality. We’ve curated a collection of our best articles that have been written since 1 January 2021.

Join us as we jog our memory.

Qminder’s best blog articles 2021

In 2021, we’ve challenged ourselves with new types of content but, at the same time, we kept churning out the things you know and love us for — our insightful blog posts on queue management, customer service, and beyond.

Let’s see which posts over the last 12 months deserve the most attention.

Top 5 customer service articles 2021

Best queue management articles 2021

Queuing theory, explained

General queue management tips and best practices

The best of Qminder’s blog 2021: honorable mention

One of, if not the best article of 2021 was penned by our senior product designer, Heidi Taperson-Lelumees.

This is a comprehensive guide to data-driven design: what it is, why data-driven design matters, and how to create a data-driven design culture at your workplace.

A must-read not only for product and UX designers but every person interested in understanding how a data-driven mindset works.

Qminder’s product articles 2021

Speaking of product design, we’ve definitely supercharged it this year. With so many product updates we’ve shared over the last year, here are the most important ones.

2021’s most significant news

Aside from product articles, we’ve also had some other exciting updates and announcements.

Top case studies and success stories 2021

Our success is the extension of our clients’ success. Below are this year’s best case studies that show the value Qminder brings to other people.

Introducing: Qminder’s new content

It’s not only blog posts and articles that we’ve been publishing this year. We’ve dabbled in different types of content — most notably, we’ve launched our own podcast.


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