How to Make Queues Shorter

“I know this great queue coming up today past 8 PM. Lets go check it out!” - Said no one ever.

Queues can be a good sign, especially when they are long. It may mean your business is thriving. After all, a queue is a line of people who want to buy something from you. But it also may mean that you have an opportunity to increase your cash flow even more in couple of simple steps.

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Make queues shorter

This might seem counter intuitive at first but the logic behind this is that instead of keeping clients pinned to a spot, let them get familiar with your other products or services by using a queue ticketing system.

A good waiting line system lets the business know how their customers behave, by e.g. showing the peak hours for high volume. If you know that evenings are the most popular time to get your product, put some more staff there, instead of other times that are more manageable.

Get rid of lines

And by this we don’t mean get rid of your customers! Instead, we ask you why put your clients stand in a specific spot in queue when they could sign up for service and walk around to explore what else the store has to offer them.

Use virtual queues

Customers can tell what they are looking for as soon as they step in the store. Knowing what is expected, gives sales personnel the chance to react to clients needs quicker with an added personal touch.

Lets test this. Which one sounds better:

  • “Number 153! Is number 153 here?”
  • “Hi John, I see you are interested in our sports goods? Let me show you what we have!”


Qminder can help you with:

  • customer insights like peak hours and waiting times to allocate staff;
  • virtual queuing with customer request tag’s;
  • personal touch by signing up with customers name.


to manage waiting lines and get customer insight!


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