Moving Latvenergo Queue Management to the Cloud

This time we will share how the most valuable and biggest company in Latvia Latvenergo adapted Qminder and moved the queue management system to the cloud. The firm was established on 22 December 1939 and operates in electricity segment. All shares of Latvenergo are owned by the State.
They have 10 customer centers all around the Latvia. The monthly visitor count varies between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors.

Latvenergo already had experience with Qmatic, Qnet and EWQ, but were not satisfied with any of the previous services. The time had come for new solution to improve experiences.

The Queue Setup

Qminder in Latvenergo, Latvia

Every branch has setup up our modern take-a-number printer and a Samsung Smart TV with Qminder application to show the line status and notify visitors about their turn. In three of the largest locations, Samsung tablets are used as desk monitors.

To call the next visitor, clerks use the same computers that they’ve had before. No extra hardware was needed. Furthermore, visitors can queue up using the Qminder smartphone application.

Qminder in Latvenergo, Latvia

Qminder in Latvenergo, Latvia

Samsung LFD screens with Magic Info digital signage software are put up to show news related to Latvenergo and other useful information for their clients.

“Qminder is a modern and innovative queue management system following the latest trends,” told Inese Vaineiķe, Head of Customer Service Unit.

Business Intelligence Tools

The Customer Service Unit is using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise to follow actual data from all customer centers. Employees can work with data, make graphs and analyze the data. This is done using Qminder open API.

“Software as Service and cloud solutions are becoming a standard even for bigger companies,” said Valters Bušs, service manager in the IT Service Management Department.

The Benefits of Queue Management

Qminder in Latvenergo, Latvia

Qminder is working in the cloud and is a unified source for statistics. Latvenergo employees can check statistics in real time. The system is easy to maintain and support.

“Now it is super simple to change the layout of any customer center to match visitor needs. With previous systems, it was hard and almost impossible,” explains Andris Skadiņš, IT&T Sales Director.

Read detailed case study about Latvenergo and explore how a big governmental business company benefit from cloud queue management.

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