Qminder in schools around the world

Most of us are familiar with queue management systems at banks, telecom shops or governmental offices. This has been the status-quo for 20 years, because the cost of these system has been absurd and setup complicated.

This time we want to share light through three use-cases how Qminder is helping new type of customers and has been valuable in different schools around the world.

Qminder at educational facilities

RE2 International Computer School, Ipoh, Malaysia

Established in 2002, the RE2 International Computer School was the first school with well-developed ICT curriculum for Primary School and Secondary School students in Malaysia according to collaboration with The United States of America and United Kingdom National Curriculum.

They have set up an iPad for the parents of the children to line up when they come to collect the report cards. They have also enabled the option to queue up remotely from the Qminder smartphone application.

I like Qminder because the interface is very simple and clear, setup configuration is also easy.

  • Catherine Teh Pei Yee


The Central Institute of Technology, Perth Western Australia

Qminder, it’s a fantastic app. I teach at The Central Institute of Technology, Perth Western Australia. At the end of the term many students need my assistance, often at the same time.
Qminder inside the computer classroom environment works brilliantly. It enabling students to remotely add themselves to the queue via their mobile phones or web browser. The ticketing system keeps students in check and breaks the serve me now attitude. Educators will find this system a God send. Its elegantly simple and really helps to manage the demands of modern students

  • Lawrence Grosvenor

Qminder at University

The Ball State University, USA, Indiana

The Ball State Universities Scholarships and Financial Aid department, had a problem where at peak hours they had a 1-2 hour wait time and were looking to improve their customer services.

Due the nature of their services, they opted in for the option where they are adding people into the virtual line manually. A member of the staff greets the students and adds them to the appropriate queue. From the waiting area the students are called by name to the correct desk.

It is going fantastically! My users love the software and how we are working the lines this year. The primary customer service person answers general questions so she is the one you see with a lot of volume. Our advisors respond to more complex, in-depth situations so they see fewer students but they take longer. Then we have some part-time assistants who take turns helping our primary desk person.

  • Melissa Shearer, Associate Director of Operations

Qminder has been a valuable help for all these schools in Malaysia, Australia, and USA.

Qminder isn’t just for schools. Read about queue management in the healthcare industry.

The set-ups and waiting lines have been different, but the unifying trait is the care of customer service and strive for efficiency.

To learn more about different use-cases of Qminder check out our use-case page or just . It really is that simple. :)


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