Wine Tasting Experience

Best Wine Tasting Experience

Wine tasting isn’t for everyone — but it is something to be desired by many. For those looking to set out on this venture in the state of Washington, GREAT WINE, Inc. may be the best solution in the area.

How did this boutique company manage to become not only a trendy place for friends to get together, but also a meeting place for C-level executives and corporate events?

Perfecting the Wine Tasting Experience

GREAT WINE is perfecting the wine tasting experience. It’s a company that promotes new conversations about wine to take place. For instance, one of the go-to questions is, “what is your vinotype?”

Great Wine Tasting Experience

“My what?” you might ask.

Vinotype is a simple term that unlocks the heart of each and all visitors. People — both who do and don’t drink wine — usually don’t know what kind of wine they like. Making a buying decision is forced or is simply following wine critics without knowing why.

“GREAT WINE instead inspires clients to discover their unique preferences and perspectives by providing them with wines that cater to the taste of different “vinotypes.” It is GREAT WINE’s goal to give respect to the uniqueness of individuals and uniqueness of each wine.” Danni Lin, CEO of GREAT WINE

GREAT WINE isn’t just the name of the business — Danni Lin, the CEO, lives it. Not only is she a successful entrepreneur with a Master of Science degree in Computational Finance and Risk Management, but she also knows her wine. Having passed 3WSET level 3, Danni actively helps customers learn about themselves through wine.

Great Wine CEO Danni Lin

The visitors of GREAT WINE include celebrities, political figures and corporate clients. GREAT WINE has recently opened up a new tasting room as well as expressed plans of expanding a satellite tasting room in China in Q4 2017.

The popularity and success of GREAT WINE is no surprise. With a passionate and educated team along with the drive to provide the best wine tasting experience, it’s no wonder GREAT WINE is receiving rave reviews.

Great Experience Brings Clients

GREAT WINE has had an excellent start from the very beginning, with a customer experience-centric mindset. Numerous businesses don’t understand that it’s not just about having the product or service available — you have to make the customers happy. Nowadays, simply providing a product or a service is not enough.

When GREAT WINE, Inc. was founded in 2015, the management team unanimously decided that wines offered would cater to individual taste […] Later, we discovered that clients do not only need a wine that addresses their needs; they were also eager to learn more about wine and about themselves in a stress-free setting.

So what kind of experience does GREAT WINE provide?

Great Wine Tasting Experience

An experience full of smiles is surely something to remember.

But… No walk-ins. Appointments only. This is to ensure that each and every session is personalized rather than made up as sessions go on. Every client schedules a tasting session via email, phone, or online contact form.

In most cases, the clients are in a group of 6-10 people. These groups all have leisure and privacy in the tasting room.

In fact, GREAT WINE limits the amount of people in a group. Each session must have enough resources — personnel or time-wise — to proactively help each customer.

A session can start off with the full vinotyping experience. This experience covers the vinotype test to find out about customers’ eating habits, helping choose the type of wine that would suit their taste buds.

The results yield one of four vinotypes. Based on the four vinotype drinking profiles, GREAT WINE’s winery produces a collection called PERCIPIO. This collection has five wines in total and will continue to expand.

After the test, the real experience begins.

The customers get to taste all the wines and learn about how it fits them. Of course, a detailed explanation is always needed, even for those who have been drinking wine for decades.

Great Experience Leads to More Leads

At GREAT WINE, experience is built on 3P’s:

  • Perception: By making buying and tasting wines more enjoyable, it allows for a great social experience. People perceive the overall experience as something amazing, and this feeling should be shared.
  • Provenance: Clients can be rest assured that GREAT WINE aims to provide the best wine — from its origins to the final product.
  • Professionalism: When the CEO goes through 80 wine samples in a day, it shows true professionalism. GREAT WINE lives by its motto: “Professionalism is to look at wine from the clients’ perspectives.”

Great Wine Tasting Experience

Conrad Lee, Past Mayor of Bellevue was a huge fan of the experience.

In GREAT WINE’s experience, leads come from clients who want to share their experiences with their business partners. We discover that clients introduce business partners to us because they would like to share their enjoyable moments with others, both online and offline. To GREAT WINE, clients are not paying for our products; they are casting a vote of trust on the quality of our wine in exchange of knowledge and great experience. Michella Chiu, Director of Brand Marketing

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