Alvadi Estonia

About Alvadi Estonia

Alvadi is a car parts retail store with a focus on selling original spare parts in Estonia. They work both with private and business clients and aim to provide the best customer service possible.

The need for queue management system

The store has 2-5 desks working 6 days a week to keep up with the demand.
As the same employees cover both the online and telephone orders as well with walk-in clients, the waiting times can vary from seconds to many minutes.

Although the daily customer flow is quite stable, there are peak hours and the service time can vary.
They also provide expert consultations to find the right part for the client, which sometimes can take quite some time, to go through the list of matching parts based on the car model, year of production etc.

The Setup

We set up our Star AsuraCPRNT printer based solution. The printer is located near the entrance with a clear signage to take a ticket. This way the line is organized and the statistics are always up to date.

All 5 desks are equipped with an Android tablet to call the number when their turn is up. The tablets are mounted in a standard tablet holder and operate over WiFi. The employees just log into our system from their PC’s web browser and can see the waiting line and call the next customer.

The clear system of which desk to approach also helps to manage occurrences, where the employee is still filing the last order or has to answer emails. With the Desk Monitors it is clear when the customer should approach the desk. Qminder system helps them balance the workload of online and on-site customer service.

Why Qminder

Alvadi chose Qminder over the alternatives because the system was easy to use, more affordable and with a clear pricing policy. There was no training needed, no extra licenses to buy and they set everything up by themselves.

Furthermore they are already planning for the future to integrate with our API to send the order numbers of people waiting in line to the warehouse to make the pick-up processes even faster.

  • Qminder with ticket printer
  • Number display for queues
  • overview of number displays
  • store waiting room setup