Central Bank of Azerbaijan Queue Management

2017 note from Qminder: We no longer support wasteful and impersonal printers. All our clients have moved on to our new name-based, paperless queuing solution.

Central Bank of Azerbaijan Bank Queuing System

On October 18, 1991, Azerbaijan restored its state independence. The National Bank was declared a supreme emission agency that pursues the state policy in the sphere of credit, money turnover, settlements and foreign exchange relations, regulates overall activity of the banking system as a whole and fulfills duties of reserve bank functions.

Bank Queuing Solution

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan visitors can line up in two ways. They can take a printed out ticket or queue up remotely with the free Qminder mobile application.

Next customer employees call trough Qminder web based system. Recent calls are displayed on the overview screen and currently served ticket is showed on the desk monitor. The Qminder mobile app will notify about your turn as well.

Bank Queuing System Benefits

Qminder is innovative, modern and adaptable queue management system and suits perfectly for governmental institutions. It allows customers not only line up by taking a printed out ticket but remotely with free smartphone application. The app informs them about the waiting time and how many people are before them – all information is updated in real-time. Qminder will remind you with notifications even when your phone is locked and in your pocket.

With Qminder there is no software to download, server to maintain nor specific hardware at employee’s work station. Tellers just log in trough any modern web browser and they are ready to serve customers. Learning Qminder takes just minutes without any specific knowledge.

Want to provide exceptional customer experience while easily managing the bank queue?


Why do we always feel that the other queue moves faster?


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