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Queue management at service locations leads to better sales.

Oakland Airport

Oakland International Airport (OAK) is the second largest airport in the Bay Area and the fourth largest airport in California overall.

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Plate by Plate

Plate by Plate is an annual tasting event which features star chefs, top restaurants and beverage sponsors from across the country.

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Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect helped change the odds for more than 2,000 homeless and low-income people in central Maryland.

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Ola (formerly OlaCabs) is a Mumbai-located ride-sharing company that quickly grew to prominence ever since its foundation in 2011.

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Adelaide Family Photography

Adelaide Family Photography is a long-time provider of Santa Photography around Christmas. They work in collaboration with Burnside Village, which is a shopping center located in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

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GDT is an international IT solutions provider that specializes in consulting, designing, deploying, and managing of advanced technology solutions for many industries, including retail, government, energy and healthcare.

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Travelwise is a Dominican company that specializes in providing personalized travel tours, including excursions, cruise trips, hotels, and corporate trips.

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