Location Model

A location object contains the following fields

Response field Type Description
id Number A unique location ID
name String Name of the location
latitude Number Latitude coordinate of the location
longitude Number Longitude coordinate of the location
country String The country the location is in
address String The country the location is in
selectingDeskMandatory Boolean Indicates whether clerks need to select a desk to serve visitors
timezoneOffset Number Offset from UTC timezone in minutes

Example Response

  "id": 4052,
  "name": "Clockwise Dental Center",
  "latitude": 58.37767472685035,
  "longitude": 26.724172503704835,
  "country": "Estonia",
  "address": "Ülikooli 2a, Ülikooli 2a, 51003 Tartu, Estonia",
  "selectingDeskMandatory": true,
  "timezoneOffset": 120