Ticket Model

A ticket object contains the following fields

Response field Type Description
id String Ticket ID
source String Source of the ticket. PHONE, MANUAL or NAME. This field will not be present if no source has been specified when creating a ticket.
status String Ticket status. NEW, CALLED, CANCELLED_BY_CLERK, NOSHOW or SERVED
line Number Line ID
firstName String First name
lastName String Last name
phoneNumber Number Phone number
email String Email address
created.date Date Creation date in ISO 8601 format
called.date Date Call date in ISO 8601 format
called.caller Number User ID of a clerk who called the ticket
called.desk Number Desk number
served.date Date Date of the end of the service in ISO 8601 format
extra Array Array of extra fields
labels Array Array of labels
messages Array Array of ticket messages, if the MESSAGES response scope was set
messages.created.date Date Time when the message was sent or received in ISO 8601 format.
messages.created.body String The contents of the message.
messages.created.type String Type of the message, either OUTGOING or INCOMING.
messages.created.status String The status of the message, one of the following: NEW, SENT, DELIVERED, INVALID_NUMBER.
messages.created.userId Number The user ID of the clerk who sent the message. Null for incoming messages and automatic messages.
interactions Array Array of interactions, if the INTERACTIONS response scope was set
interactions.start Date Time when the interaction was started ISO 8601 format.
interactions.end Date Time when the interaction was ended ISO 8601 format.
interactions.line Number Line ID of the interaction.
interactions.desk Number Desk ID of the interaction.
interactions.user Number User ID who created the interaction.

Example Response

  "statusCode": 200,
  "id": "344185",
  "number": 45,
  "source": "NAME",
  "status": "SERVED",
  "line": 27346,
  "created": {
    "date": "2014-01-20T09:37:43Z"
  "called": {
    "date": "2014-01-20T09:39:33Z",
    "caller": 28458
  "served": {
    "date": "2014-01-20T09:48:13Z"
  "extra": [
      "title": "Website",
      "value": "Group: Herded dolphins to be slaughtered at Japan's Taiji Cove",
      "url": "http://edition.cnn.com/2014/01/20/world/asia/japan-dolphin-hunt/index.html?hpt=hp_c3"
  "labels": [
      "color": "FF4136",
      "value": "VIP"
  "messages": [
      "created": {
        "date": "2017-04-12T16:27:57Z"
       "body": "It's your turn!",
       "type": "OUTGOING",
       "status": "SENT",
       "userId": 15000
       "created": {
         "date": "2017-04-17T11:50:13Z"
       "body": "Thank you!",
       "type": "INCOMING",
       "status": "NEW"
  "interactions": [
      "start": "2014-01-20T09:39:33Z",
      "end": "2014-01-20T09:48:13Z",
      "line": 27346,
      "desk": 14620,
      "user": 28458