User Model

A user object contains the following fields

Response field Type Description
id Number User ID
email String Email address
firstName String First name
lastName String Last name
desk Number Selected desk number
selectedLocation Number The user's currently selected location. Number ID of a role
roles.type String User's role
roles.location Number The identifier of the location where given role is applicable. Not applicable to all roles
picture.size String The size indicator of the picture, currently limited to "medium"
picture.url String The URL of the picture

Example Response

  "id": 342,
  "email": "",
  "firstName": "Mark",
  "lastName": "Dungey",
  "desk": 3,
  "selectedLocation": 4531,
  "roles": [
      "id": 2364,
      "type": "CLERK",
      "location": 1265
      "id": 6532,
      "type": "MANAGER",
      "location": 3245
  "picture": [
      "size": "medium",
      "url": ""