Excellent customer service at Verizon

Qminder has been set up in Verizon retail store with cooperation of Wireless Zone, the largest franchise in the US.

Verizon Wireless using Qminder

Verizon Wireless is the first wireless broadband network provider in USA. The company is a recognized leader in customer service, investing heavily in services and self-service tools that consistently deliver customer satisfaction. They operate in more than 2330 retail locations and provide wireless services to 122 million subscribers.

“We have a high volume of customers which sometimes results is a number of customers waiting. Qminder helps us take care of customers in the order they arrived, and gives them peace of mind, from knowing they are in the queue.” tells David Bogart, Owner of Wireless Zone store in Lockport, NY.

Previously the problem of waiting caused many complaints from the clients. How it was managed wasn’t clear nor understandable by visitors.

“Sometimes with greeters, sometimes with waiting lists maintained as customers entered the store, and sometimes by asking, “Who’s next”?” explains David Bogart.

Qminder iPad app

The setup at Verizon is simply an iPad for clients to line up, by selecting the desired service and entering their names. It is placed near the entrance for all to see. Employees see the visitors from their computers, tablets or smartphones and greet them by name. Meanwhile customers could browse around in the store and don’t need to stand in a line or a serpentine maze.

Use case of Verizon Wireless retail location is an inspiring example of how large enterprise can simply increase their much valued customer satisfaction and sales by using Qminder tablet application.

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