Qminder Features

Manage queues effortlessly

Service your customers

See how many visitors are waiting and how long they’ve been standing in line. Call customers out of order or skip if needed. If you’ve welcomed them by name, you can call them by name as well.

Multiple service lines

Customize your lines. Your visitors can let you know why they’re here, and you can send them where they’ll get the best help you can offer.

Unlimited user support

Qminder doesn’t have a limit of users per location.

Remote access

You can keep track of what’s going on remotely and access the queue management system anytime and anywhere you need.

You profit from sensible analytics right away

Average hourly visits

You see when people stop by, how many of them there are – and you can schedule your staff’s presence time accordingly. You track trends and staff needs.

Waiting time

You know how long you’re letting your customers wait. This lets you measure and implement quality standards and shows you which areas have potential for improvement.

Daily visitors

You keep track of visitor numbers over days, weeks and months at a time. You get an accurate impression of your foot traffic.

Customers served

You see and analyse your past performance. Compare staff and make a note of your best and worst performers.

Compare your branch offices

You have data at your fingertips to compare and analyse different locations.

You can start using Qminder in just 3 easy steps

3 easy steps to start using

  1. Download the app to your iPad. This is all you need to start receiving customers, no additional hardware is needed.
  2. Sync the iPad with the Qminder dashboard in your web browser. You do this with a simple 4-digit code the app gives you.
  3. Choose how you want to welcome and call your customers. By number? By name? With a receptionist typing in their names for them? Choose the degree of personalization you need.

You can adjust the buttons your customers can push. How many topics do you want to cover? What do you want them to be? You can manage several lines at once.

For an added personal touch, your staff can also call customers by name – the queue is always visible on the dashboard in your browser.