Queue management system using desk monitor

A waiting line consists of two parts. Firstly entering the queue and secondly being notified about your turn.

Qminder has multiple options to queue up:

  • Entering your name on a on-site tablet.
  • Taking a ticket from your smartphone remotely.
  • Taking a paper ticket from the printer.

This time it is about but the second step: how to guide the visitors to the right person.

To help Qminder customers with this, we have come up with an innovative queue management solution based on Android tablets.

Queue number showing on monitor

The tablet will blink brightly with the customer’s number or name and make a sound to notify them about their turn and where to come.
No need for cabling as everything will work over Wifi.

When using desk monitors, you can avoid the situations where people approach desks without being called first.

Desk Monitor

This will lower the stress of the staff and they can finish up with the previous session, without being rushed by the next visitor.

On top of that, Qminder offers the analytics side of your physical location as well. Learn about how quickly your lines are moving and how effective your employees are.