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Various industries

10+ years of experience across industries

Every day, Qminder helps thousands of people across various industries to have a better visitor experience.

Healthcare counter


Improve the patient experience with a HIPAA-compliant check-in and queue management system.

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Retail shop space


Shorten wait times and enhance the in-store customer experience to prevent loss of revenue.

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Government counter


Maximize efficiency at permit centers and city halls across. Serve citizens with maximum efficiency.

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College building


Improve the efficiency of student admission and support teams to serve more students in less time.

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Helpdesk counters

IT Helpdesk

Improve service cycles and provide effective technical support, even during the busiest hours on Mondays.

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Finance consultation


Time is money, especially in banking! Upgrade the customer journey by simplifying the queuing process and decreasing wait times.

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Pickup point

Curbside Pickup

Give customers the freedom to wait from anywhere and enhance e-commerce click-and-collect service with remote queuing.

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Efficiently manage lines, decrease wait times, and boost revenue with a helpful tool for cannabis retailers.

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Veterinary clinic

Animal Care

Take the frustration out of vet visits and provide the best care for pets, important to people’s lives.

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After the demo, you are also eligible for a 14-day trial.

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