Latvenergo Utility Company Customer Queue Management

2017 note from Qminder: We no longer support wasteful and impersonal printers. All our clients have moved on to our new name-based, paperless queueing solution.

About Latvenergo

Latvenergo was established on 22 December, 1939. The firm operates in electricity and thermal energy generation and supply, electricity distribution services and transmission system asset management. All shares of Latvenergo are owned by the State. It is the most valuable company in Latvia by Nasdaq.

The company has 10 customer centres all around the Latvia. Two of them are located in the capital, but the rest of them are spread equally throughout the biggest regional cities. The monthly visitor count varies between 15000 and 20000 visitors.

The need for queue management system

Latvenergo already had experience with Qmatic, Qnet and EWQ, but the time had come for new solutions and experiences. They put great focus on customer service and they monitor client satisfaction and branch performance constantly. Queue management system is one of the main sources to get reliable and actionable statistics.

While the management is located in the main office at the capital, they still want to follow what’s happening at their other branches all over the country. Latvenergo keeps up with the newest technologies and lot of transactions are made on their web and smartphone applications. Therefore, queue management had to be updated to meet modern standards as well.

Qminder setup

For a ticket dispenser, Latvenergo uses our modern take-a-number printer. The provided Star AsuraCPRNT printers can be easily adapted to match the customer center’s customer flow.

Every branch has setup up a Samsung Smart TV with Qminder application to show the line status and notify visitors about their turn.

In three of the largest locations, Samsung tablets are used as desk monitors. They show the number of who is currently being served to help visitors find the correct desk even faster.

Samsung LFD screens with Magic Info digital signage software are put up to show news related to Latvenergo and other useful information for their clients.

Furthermore, visitors can queue up using the Qminder smartphone application. The app informs visitors about the waiting time and how many people are before them – all information is updated in real-time. <p> To call the next visitor, clerks use the same computers that they’ve had before. No extra hardware is needed. Qminder is accessed via the Firefox Internet browser.

Business intelligence tools

The Customer Service Unit is using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise to follow actual data from all client centers. Employees can work with data, make graphs and analyze the data.

Every night, data is copied to Latvenergo data warehouse through our Qminder API. After that, it is matched together with financial, client and employee data. With this solution, management can make more precise decisions on how and what to improve in their everyday customer service.

Why Qminder?

Qminder is one central queue management system

Previously, Latvenergo was using three different queue management systems: Qmatic, Qnet and EWQ. It was hard for everybody to use, maintain and support these three different systems.

Unified statistics from one source

Qminder API provides one unified way that allows Latvenergo to copy their statistics to their warehouse. Customer Service Unit management is using the Oracle Business Intelligence tool to merge it with client, employees and financial data.

Cloud managed

Qminder is based in the cloud and Latvenergo doesn’t need to support and maintain any servers. All the printers, TVs and tablets are connected to Qminder’s cloud-based system.
Employees from upper-management and the customer service department can quickly access the data by just logging in wherever they are and follow what is going right now in all Latvenergo client centres.

Clients are used to the new system

The system has been adopted nicely with positive feedback from the visitors. It is easy to use and serves it’s purpose.

Statistics in real time

Latvenergo is using their internal system where employees can see statistics, but data is updated nightly. In the Qminder system, they can explore statistics in real time.

The Feedback

  • The technical team liked the Qminder system because it barely needs maintenance, support and managing one system is less time consuming as well.
  • Latvenergo and their visitors like our Qminder smartphone application for queuing remotely. Qminder is one of the few modern systems that can offer such innovative features.
  • For new employees to learn how to use Qminder, it took them just minutes to see and understand how the system is used by more experienced colleagues.
  • "Now it is super simple to change the layout of any customer centre to match visitor needs. With previous systems, it was hard and almost impossible," admitted Andris Skadiņš, IT&T Sales Director.
  • "Latvenergo’s technical department programmers learnt Qminder API in minutes," explained system analyst Aigars Akmens.
  • "Software as service and cloud solutions are becoming a standard even for bigger companies," said Valters Bušs, Service manager in the IT Service Management Department.
  • "Qminder is a modern and innovative queue management system following the latest trends," told Inese Vaineiķe, Head of Customer Service Unit .


This is a nice example of how a large governmental business company can improve and increase their customer service using Qminder.

Desk monitor to show numbers

Desk monitor and ticket printer for queue management

visitor signing into the line

effective queue management

clean queues

orderly queues with Qminder

great customer experience with Qminder


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