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Alameda Permit Center

The Alameda Permit Center will be open on a first come first served basis for information only!To apply for a permit please click here

Currently closed

Thursday, October 28, 2021 12:44 AM

Recommended times for visiting today at 10AM, 11AM.

Good time to visit!10AM
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Mon8AM - 11:30AM

Tue8AM - 11:30AM

Wed8AM - 11:30AM

Thu8AM - 11:30AM




Notes & Tips

A Permit Tech will be available on a first come - first served basis, Monday thru Thursday for 8:00am until 11:30am. Please sign in and you will be contacted when it is your turn. When contacted please come to Room 190, Alameda City Hall. Please remain outside City Hall until notified that it is your turn. Staff will wait 5 minutes for you to arrive, at which time you will be placed back in line. Face masks are required.

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