Qminder is a queue management system.

You can start using and testing right now.

Take advantage of common hardware such as iPads and TVs for a wireless queue system.
Add people into the waiting line and call them in order with Qminder.
The minimum you need is just a web browser.

Qminder Queue Management System Dashboard


  • The Dashboard is the web-based interface where you can manage your waiting list.
  • You will see real-time data about your locations wait times, and service times.
  • Define what services you offer and manage employees.
  • Smart notifications alerts you to new visitors or unusually long wait times.

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Qminder Waiting List for Queues


  • The TV enables visitors to see the progress of the queue, reducing anxiety of waiting.
  • Choose between different themes and layout options best suited to your venue.
  • You can set up multiple TVs, based on the size of your room or services.
  • Notifies the visitors of their turn and where to go.

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Qminder Queue Management System on iPad

iPad Sign-In

  • Qminder on the iPad can be a self-service sign-in option for your visitors.
  • Set the services, or reasons of visit your visitors can choose from.
  • No need for paper and numbers; engage your visitors by their names.
  • iPad solution allows you to set it up anywhere.
  • You can even set up multiple iPads at your location.

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