Qminder helps homeless queue

Qminder is a great tool in every location where there are people waiting in line. Here's how we helped manage the line at Project Homeless Connect.

On September 19, 2013, volunteers at United Way of Central Maryland's Project Homeless Connect helped change the odds for more than 2,000 homeless and low-income people in central Maryland.
Qminder was there to help with the waiting lines and make the event more efficient.

"The event went very well. We were expecting approximately 1,200 people at the event, and we ended up serving more than 2,000. We even had to turn away about 700 people who were still in line to get into the event. We were overwhelmed with the sheer number of participants, and even though we had about 1,300 volunteers, we still were short staffed." – said Scott Gottbreht, Project Manager at Homeless Connect.

Qminder was set up for some of the most essential and longest lines like dental care, social security cards and employment assistance.

Mr. Gottbreht: "For some of the lines, Qminder was a great asset. Interestingly, several of the Qminder lines had long lines to get a Qminder number, and some of the Qminder number queues were in the hundreds, with wait times of several hours."

We, at Qminder, are very happy that our system helped both the volunteers and participants.

If you have a similar event coming up and think that you could benefit from Qminder, then set it up yourself or contact us by email.

No trained technicians or special configuration was needed and everything was done by the volunteers.

Fred Smaklin, a professor at Baltimore Law School and a volunteer in the Planning Committee added:
"Qminder was a great success at Project Homeless Connect 2013. Even our older volunteers who are less comfortable with technology found Qminder easy to navigate and use."