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Learn more about your customers and their needs through queue management and service analytics.

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Qminder helps businesses save their customers 1,000+ hours of waiting in line, every day.

Long queues cost businesses across the world trillions of dollars in lost sales. Customers who experience poor waiting experience are less likely to stay and recommend your business.

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Great customer service, powered by data

See your business from a bird’s eye view

Compare the performance of different locations and departments. Monitor the number of visitors waiting, average wait times, and other metrics.

Empower your team with real-time metrics

Give your staff and front desk the tools they need to supercharge your customer service. Recognize your team’s achievements and identify opportunities for growth.

Gain insights into how your business works

Easily measure and share performance results. Use service reports to keep track of KPIs and the effectiveness of service strategy.

Virtual waiting, real experiences

Let customers join waitlists remotely

Eliminate in-person lines by allowing customers to join a virtual waitlist by using their phones. Monitor your line in real-time. Automate your visitor management and decrease wait times.

Wait from anywhere

Let customers safely wait in their car, at home, or outside. Notify them with text messaging when you are ready to serve them. You can also use a wait room TV for stress-free waiting rooms.

Keep an open line of communication

Give customers regular updates and wait times. Make them feel like VIPs by talking to them directly and asking for their feedback.

Learn more about your customers and their needs

Optimize and improve your operations, start free, today.

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