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Reduce no-shows up to


Decrease wait times up to


Increase CSAT up to


Trusted by the industry leaders

Take complete control of your customer service

Check-in message

Name-based check-in

Adopt a personal approach and know whom you are serving. Greet visitors with their first name.

Qminder self-check-in

No custom hardware

Give a modern look to your facility. Turn any iPad into a check-in kiosk.

Qminder dashboard

Self-service platform

Customize the service as you need. Manage all settings without help from customer service.

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Scale up without limits

Avoid complicated pricing plans. Add unlimited locations and services without additional costs.

Qminder offers powerful tools

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Check-in kiosk

Self check-in and Remote Sign-in

Use iPad check-in kiosk, QR code, or a mini website

Customize check-in flows and forms

Update the waitlist in real-time on Apple TV

Display real-time information on Visit Planner

Offer a multilingual interface

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Customer simplified appointment management

Real-time appointment management

Display your availability online

Receive bookings, changes and cancellations

Send automated reminders for upcoming bookings

Confirm if visitors have arrived and checked in

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queuing system with SMS

Two-way text messaging

Automate reminders and service notifications

Receive updates from visitors with two-way SMS

Let visitors wait for their turn remotely

Collect feedback after service

Prioritize appointments or walk-ins as you need

Qminder dashboard

Simplified visitor management

Manage bookings and walk-ins together

Categorize customers and service lines

Seamlessly organize the waitlist

Move, forward and reassign customers

Prioritize visitors as you need

Data-driven decision-making with Qminder

Data-driven decision-making

See popular days and rush hours

Measure average wait and service time

Store data from previous visits safely

Identify returning visitors and reason for visits

Monitor team performance and KPIs

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Over 80+ million visitors served across all industries

Qminder is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II & HIPAA-ready.

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