Queue Management System for finance

A queue management solution for banking

Faster service, happier staff, better experience.

Easy to set up, ready to use in 5 minutes

Calculating the benefits of a queue system

Automating visitor queuing

Fast teller line management

Time is money, especially in banking! Upgrade the customer journey by simplifying the queuing process and making visiting your finance institutions quick and painless.

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Gather data and feedback

Gather data and feedback

Collect data before service to match customers with tellers based on needs and expertise, creating a stress-free environment for both customers and employees.

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Your visitors will love it

Qminder takes care of your visitors and makes every interaction fast and pain-free.

Shorter wait times

Shorter wait times

Personal touch

Personal touch

Streamlined customer experiences

Streamlined experiences

Easy to use

Easy to use

How does it work?

Qminder leverages digital technologies to optimize the way banking delivers service, decrease wait times, and improve the experience.

There are three steps in total.

Visitor sign-in

Customers sign in via an iPad, filling out all the necessary information. You can place the queue stand near the entrance or at key points in your office space.

Virtual queue

Once signed in, your customers don’t need to worry about missing their turn. They can easily check or get notified about their queue status in real time.

Quick service

By successfully managing queues, even during peak business hours, you create a positive experience for everyone involved.


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Your staff will love it even more

Qminder is a teller line solution that greatly enhances the visitor experience and helps you keep wait times and service rates on track — all while reducing the workload.

Reduce your workload

Reduce operational costs

Improve efficiency

Automate the registration


Increase satisfaction

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Increase staff performance

Take the visitor management load off your employees and let them focus on their immediate tasks. By automating the waitlist management, you keep your staff productive and your visitors happy.

checkmarkRaise employee productivity with the help of state-of-the-art digital tools

checkmarkDiscover key areas of focus for improving banking staff performance

checkmarkIncrease the efficiency of your employees by balancing their workload

Automate patient queuing

Take advantage of data

Qminder lets you capture and analyze data that helps with tracking KPIs. Identify pain points of both your visitors and employees to create a better, data-backed experience.

checkmarkDiscover current wait, idle and service times, and act upon hard numbers

checkmarkMatch your visitors with tellers who can better resolve their issues

checkmarkIdentify the best-performing team members and drive efficiency even further

Use data insights

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Easy integration

With API integration, you can connect our system to a large number of other databases, greatly expanding both the quantity and quality of your data insights. Use a web-based queue management system to always stay on top of your data game.

See Qminder in Action

Join the ranks of customer service champions


Fewer walkaways


Shorter wait times


Increase in customer satisfaction

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