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Decrease wait times up to


Eliminate adming work up to


Increase CSAT up to


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Delight customers with personalized attention, even during peak times.

Qminder self-check-in

Welcome visitors with self-check-in

Use an iPad as a check-in kiosk or do virtual queuing with QR code, mini website.

Qminder dashboard

Monitor queues in real-time

A powerful dashboard for managers and staff. Manage queues, serve visitors and always know who is next in line.

Check-in message

Navigate customers to service points

Use waiting room TV or automated sms notifications. Let visitors know who is next and when it’s their turn.

Qminder insights

Discover valuable insights

Gather data about waiting lines, employees and visitors. Discover rush hours, average wait time and service time or employee stats.

Qminder offers powerful tools

Smart queuing system that is easy to use for both customers and your staff

Speed up the check-in process, improve waiting experience and boost operational efficiency. For an overview of Qminder’s full feature list, see our Pricing page.

Qminder dashboard

Build your own service flow

Set up service lines and desks

Enable multiple check-in channels

Build check-in flows with conditions

Manage multiple locations from one place

Check-in kiosk

Queuing with self check-in

Turn any iPad into a check-in kiosk

Set up and customize check-in questions

Eliminate crowds on front-desk

Use modern and convenient devices

Customer simplified appointment management

Virtual Queuing with Visit Planner

Display a QR code or a web page link

Allow visitors to check-in and wait remotely

Display real-time information about your location

Let customers choose the best time for a visit

queuing system with SMS

Waitlist TV and SMS

Display waitlist in real-time on TV

Navigate visitors to service desks or rooms

Keep visitors informed with text messages

Receive replies from visitors via SMS

Collect feedback after service

Data-driven decision-making with Qminder

Data-driven decision-making

See popular days and rush hours

Measure average wait and service time

Store data from previous visits safely

Identify returning visitors and reason for visits

Monitor team performance and KPIs

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Over 80+ million visitors served across all industries

Qminder is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II & HIPAA-ready.

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