Location Setup


The following setup document is for Qminder queue management system.

Name your location and assign it a physical address.

Qminder Queue Location Setup

Add locations

  1. To add new locations to your account, go to header section of your dashboard and click on your current location name.

    Adding new Location
  2. Select Create Location.

    Creating new Location
  3. Set up new location by naming it (for example: Amy’s Bakery) and assigning it an address.

    Naming Location
  4. Click Create.

Managing multiple locations

You can see and manage all locations connected with your user account in the header section of your dashboard.

Adding new Location

Select the location you want to view.

Multiple locations


Lines can be the different services you provide or different queues you wish your customers to line up.

Use this to:

  • Direct customers to specific service personnel based on the purpose of their visit.
    For example, a grocery store has two counters. Counter A sells only food supplies and counter B carries only household supplies.

  • Gather statistics on different services.
    For example, a retailer has one clerk who manages sales, payments and visitor requests. All customers came to the store are directed to this one clerk. Still, store manager can see waiting time and service time for different type of services; thus to make further changes accordingly if necessary

Add more Lines

  1. Go to Location in your dashboard, and then select Lines to add line types.

  2. Main Service will be the default line type. You can click Main Service to change the name.

  3. Add more line types by clicking Add.

    Add new Line
  4. Type in your new line name and click Create.

    Naming Queue Line

You can add up to 14 lines.

In the Service section, you can select to check all or specific line type.

Selecting a queue or line


See current users by clicking on the user name. You can see additional info, edit, add, or remove roles.

User roles

  • Clerk can manage the waiting line by calling, adding, and canceling tickets. Clerks can also see their ticket history.

  • Location Manager has full access to Clerk rights. Additionally, Loc Manager can change location info, manage devices, and see Statistics.

  • Administrator has full access to Clerk and Loc manager's rights. Additionally, Adiminstrator can manage, add, and remove locations.

Add Users

  1. Click on Users to add users for your location.

    Adding new user to the queue management system
  2. All blanks must be filled. Make you are giving them proper access according to their roles.

  3. Once the location manager have created users, invite emails will be sent to the users' email address. The email includes a link to create a password for their own Qminder account. Once the password is set, employees will then have the access to manage queues.

Managing Users

An overview of users connected to your location and their roles are available in Users.

Users list

As adiministrator, you can click on user name to manage users' profile and see additional info.

User statistics in the queue management system


Under Devices you can add iPad for visitors to sign in or add a TV to show line info.


Rename location

You can rename location and change address anytime.

Location Setup


Desks are used to show visitors on TV which clerk desk to go to when called.

No Numbered Desks (default setting) – if there is no need to direct visitor to specific desk via TV.

No Numbered Desks

Numbered Desks – Select this option if you want to show which desk should visitor go to when called. Select the number of desks.

Numbered Desks

After you assigned number of desks, make sure that clerks or service personnel select the desk they are sitting in.

Desk selection in queue management dashboard

Delete locations

Delete a location permanently.

All data about the location will be erased if clicked.

Delete location in QMS