Service Screen


  1. Select Line
    If your location has enabled multiple lines, Clerks can select services they provide. By selecting and unselecting lines, you can see waiting list of visitors who are queuing up for certain lines.

    Selecting line on queue management dashboard
  2. Select Desk
    This is necessary when you use TV to direct visitors to go to certain desks.
    See TV settings to see how it can be displayed on TV.
    To enable or disable Desks, go to Desk settings in Location.

    desk selection on Qminder dashboard
  3. Notification Settings
    Notifications when a visitor signs up and you are open to serve.

    Getting notified of new visitors on Qminder

Managing queue

Call next

- to call the next visitor in line to the serving desk. Call next in line

- to recall a certain visitor.
No Show
- to mark a certain visitor has not showed up.
Mark as Served
- to mark a certain visitor as served.

Recall, No Show, Mark as Served tags on QMS

Visitor info

  • Time Icon - Shows how long a certain visitor has waited.

  • Mobile icon – Indicates a the visitor signed up through mobile App.

  • Line name – Indicates the service the visitor is expecting.

Managing a certain visitor in the queue

Click on visitor info in waiting line you can:

  • Call – Select a visitor and call for service.

  • Remove – Delete visitor from waiting line without calling for service.

  • Edit – Edit visitor details.

  • Label – Add labels regarding a certain visitor.

  • Assign to... – Assign to specific user.

Managing visitors on Qminder dashboard

Adding clients to queue

In the Service screen, you can add a Ticket by adding the visitor by name.

In the Service screen click Add.

Add visitor in the queue

Fill in necessary info about the visitor.

While adding the ticket you can use the Labels field to add information that can help other consultants identify the person, or to share additional information about the visitor that you may have captured.

After clicking Add, the visitor is successfully added to the waiting list.

When you have added your visitor, you can click on their name in the queue and click to "Assign to…" a specific user.

Adding visitor in the queue manually

Configure Ticket Fields

This option is only available for you if your role is Owner, Admin or Location Manager.

When Adding a ticket, you are able to 'Configure fields' by clicking the option at bottom right. This will open a popup window with options for fields you can add such as Text fields, Phone number, Hyperlinks, Dropdown options or any additional information you may require from your customers.

  • Go to your Service screen and click Add to add a user Ticket

  • When the screen pops up you can add information to the Ticket

  • You can configure fields by clicking on the option on bottom right of pop-up screen

  • It will open another screen where you can manage Ticket fields

Configure Fields option in Service Screen Configuring ticket fields in Qminder