iPad app

Qminder Sign-In iPad app

Your customers can line up by entering their name on the Qminder iPad application.

The number of Qminder Sign-In applications you can per location is not limited. We recommend more if you have multiple entrances.

How do I set up an iPad?

  1. Install the Qminder Sign-In application from the App Store.

  2. Open the installed Qminder Sign-In application and you will see a four-digit pairing code.

    iPad Sign-In app
  3. Login to the Qminder Dashboard. Go to Location > iPads > click Add iPad.

    Qminder iPad sign in
  4. Enter the four-digit pairing code from your iPad and click Connect.

    Qminder Pairing code

That's it! Now Qminder is fully functional on your iPad.

System requirements

iPad or iPad mini with iOS 9.3.2 or later.

Customers sign in on iPad

  1. Put the iPad on a visible spot in your location.
    We suggest using multiple iPads when your location has more than one entrances.
    Note that we don’t limit the number of Qminder Sign-In applications you can add per location.

    Qminder in Verizon Wireless
  2. Use your customized signage to direct your visitors to sign in.

    Qminder iPad Sign-In app with stand
  3. Visitors type in their names on the iPad.

    Qminder iPad Sign-In app in retail and hospital

Additional: Where can I get a stand for the iPad?

You can get a stand in most shops who sell iPads or other relevant electronic equipment.

We recommend setting up your tablet in a Bouncepad case. These cases come in a variety of formats, from floor stands to wall mounts. More information about Bouncepad is available at