History gives you a quick overview of visitors by showing their names, time when they signed up and their waiting duration.

Queue Performance History

Sort history by Status.

Queue History - status

Sort history by Period.

Queue History - period

Sort history by Clerk.

Queue History - clerk

Export history

You can export more detailed info on the last 10 000 tickets to Excel format.

Queue Performance History export

Taken – Time when visitor signed in.


  • New – Visitor is waiting.

  • Called – Visitor is called for service.

  • Served – Visitor has been served.

  • Cancelled – Visitor was removed from queue.

Wait time – How long did visitor wait to be served.

Called – Time when visitor was called to be served.

Service Ended – Time when the service ended.

Service Time – Duration of service.

Clerk – The clerk who served the visitor.

Line – Service provided.

Additional visitor information like First Name, Last Name and Phone Number.

Location statistics

Qminder shows statistics on:

  • Visitors

  • Performance

  • Clerks

Statistics can be viewed in the time period you choose.

Queue Statistics Visitors and period

You can sort statistis according to service lines:

  • All Lines – Shows aggregated info on service lines.

  • Comparison – Compare statistics based on service lines.

  • Each service line individually.

Queue Statistics Visitors and lines

Visitor statistics

Daily Visitors

Daily Visitors shows the sum of and average visitors during selected period. A chart is created to display how changes occur.

The statistics include visitors waiting and served for different services .

Queue Statistics Daily visitors

A table with daily visitors is listed right beneath.

Queue View Visitors table

Average Hourly visits

Here you see what time period are the busiest during opening hours.

Queue Average Hourly visits


How do visitors sign to queue.

Queue Info Sources

Performance statistics

  • Queue length – How many visitors in average do you have in line.

    Queue length
  • Waiting Times - How long does a visitor need to wait in line before being served (minimum, average and maximum).

    Waiting Times
  • Serving Times – How long is the serving time per visitor (minimum, average and maximum).

    Serving Times

Clerks statistics

See how many clients each clerk served during a specific period of time.