Qminder TV App setup

Setting up Qminder TV

There are several options for configuring your Qminder TV app: Apple TV, Smart TV or macOS.

How to add a TV from Dashboard

To add TV in Qminder Dashboard you need to to Location tab and then to TV's section.

Adding a TV from Qminder Dashboard

Set up Apple TV

We support Apple TV (4th generation).

Search Qminder from Apple TV App Store and install Qminder application.

Install Qminder for Apple TV from Appstore

Open Qminder app in your TV and you will see a pairing screen. Log in Qminder Dashboard then go to Location tab and then to TV's section and add new TV.

Qminder for Apple TV - pairing

After pairing you will see names list on your TV.

Qminder for Apple TV - names list

If you call someone then you will hear a sound and TV also shows called name notification view.

Qminder for Apple TV - caleld name notification

Connecting a Smart TV

We recommend a Samsung Smart TV, 2014 or 2015 models.

  • Install Qminder TV application from the Samsung Smart TV apps store (find it under the Information tab)
  • Open the installed Qminder TV App to see a four-digit pairing code.
  • Enter the pairing code from your TV.

Connect TV with pairing code from Qminder Dashboard

You are now connected!

Connecting Qminder TV for macOS

  1. Connect your TV via HDMI cable.
  2. Download the Qminder TV App for macOS to your Mac from the App Store.
  3. Open the Qminder TV app from your computer by clicking on the icon, to show on your TV.
  4. A pairing code will be visible in the Qminder TV app.
  5. Open Location then TVs and click on Add TV.
  6. Enter the pairing code from your TV into the Dashboard and click Connect.

Your TV screen should now display your queue.

Email us if you need help .

Qminder macOS TV App

Configurable Parameters

You are able to configure the following parameters:

  • Name - Change TV name.
  • Lines - You can select which lines will be displayed on TV.
  • You can Flush Tickets that have been served.
    • After Serving (default) - Visitor's name will be erased from TV when service ends.
    • Never - Visitors who have already been served will stay on TV.
    • 10 Minutes After Serving - Visitor's name will be erased from TV 10 minutes after service ends.
  • Type:
    • Waiting List: Shows visitors in waiting line and the ones currently being served
    • Other options available are Portrait, Line names, Currently waiting, Now serving.