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Service Intelligence
Qminder Service Intelligence and Data

The wait for the ultimate queue management tool is over

Stress free

No waiting room stress

Make boring lines a thing of the past. Happy customers are more likely to become loyal repeat customers.

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Personal communication

Upgraded CX

Engage your customers on a more personal level. Anticipate their needs and build trust from the get-go.

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Data backed

Data-backed decisions

Get a bird’s-eye view of your organization — in real-time. From workload to staffing, make smarter business decisions.

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Smooth waiting process

Create a smooth waiting process

Long waiting lines and disorganized waiting rooms are among the top 3 reasons why customers bail on businesses. Waiting is just another part of your service package, and it can make or break your customers’ experience.

checkmark50% lower wait times

checkmarkClear signage


Drive loyalty through a great customer experience

Qminder allows for better customer data capture — data that helps you provide a superior customer experience. Visitors are 80% more likely to stay with your business if you offer personalized experiences.

checkmarkPersonal service

checkmarkSmart automation

checkmarkIncreased satisfaction

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Queuing Solution
Queuing Stand and TV Display
Qminder Service Data Insights

Actionable business insights

You don’t need to be present at the floor to know what’s happening inside your business. Qminder reduces operational wastage and optimizes resources, while integrating with existing CRM systems.

checkmarkAnalytic insights

checkmarkIntegration with CRMs

checkmarkReal-time service reports

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Service Intelligence

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Trusted by the world’s fastest-growing businesses

Having over 650,000 driver partners necessitates the need for a smart solution that helps us to ensure the best service at our centres. With Qminder we are able to significantly optimise our driver partner operations.

Qminder is an important part of the day to day process and an amazing tool to analyze traffic and CS rep load. Our waiting times were actually reduced by more than 50%.

Qminder helps us serve our drivers — the cornerstone of the Lyft community — in a human and personal way. Visitors to our Hubs feel welcome and attended to and leave happy, just as they deserve to be.

Our goal is to make five minutes seem like 30 seconds. Qminder helps create that environment.

Qminder has helped us understand our customers better. It is a great tool to gather data and translate it into how we can improve our operations. I don't know how we even managed to survive without Qminder.

Simple, straightforward, had the features that we were looking for initially but also, there’s no install, and didn’t have interference with our system.

After implementing Qminder, the sales representatives’ incentive to improve customer service has increased significantly. I find that an additional and remarkable bonus we obtained by choosing Qminder.

Qminder brought transparency and efficiency to our check-in process. With the new performance data, we are meeting key internal metrics and successfully manage staffing at several locations at once.

It’s been completely positive, to be honest. Everyone has been really happy with the service. All the staff know how to use it properly. Made everything so much more manageable for us.

Sumit Tuteja Supply product head Ola
Fred Rosal Business Strategist Apple Premium Reseller Guatemala
Dana Hooshmand Special Ops Manager Lyft
George Frankie McAllister Store Manager Sprint Telecom
Angelica Guido Customer Support Team Lead Bolt (Taxify)
Bryan Lords Business Analyst St. John Medical Center
Sten Senkel Denmark Region Manager Tavex Group
Mark Hylen Vice President Beacon Occupational Health and Safety Services
Gary Morgan CLR Supervisor Ravensbourne University London

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