Qminder is a queue management system

that improves the customer experience and provides real-time data insights

queue management system with multiple products
  • Full access with just your browser.
  • Unlimited usage, users, and devices.
  • Self sign-in and waiting list solutions included.
  • Real-time analytics for your business needs.
  • Employee performance reports.
  • International support from the creators.

Try it risk-free and find out why successful retailers like
Apple, AT&T and Verizon love using Qminder.

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All-In-One Queue Management System For Physical Locations

queue management with macbook

Take complete control over your queues under one complete dashboard

The dashboard is the command center of your business.

Get real-time insight to who is waiting in line for what service.

Generate reports to help you make business decisions.

Qminder improves customer experience

Say goodbye to wasteful and impersonal printer numbers.

Approach visitors by their names and provide a personal customer service.

Great customer experience improves loyalty and sales.

Easily manage all your visitors with a push of a button

Qminder is an intuitive queue management system.

It’s easy to use for frontline employees and upper management, while providing powerful business insights.

Complete Employee Performance and Queue Data

Track employee performance with service time data

Who are the best performing employees?
How many visitors do your employees serve per day?
What are they coming in for?
How long does it take to service them?

Historical view of all visitor waiting and serving times

How many visitors arrive and how many get served?
Find out the walk-out rates and minimize them.

Export detailed reports in a consolidated view

Choose any date range and view all metrics around your customer service.
Use this data to make educated business decisions, report to corporate,
or justify budgets and staff allocations.

queue management data and statistics

Start in One Minute or Less

Qminder dashboard on browser

Browser-based queue management system

  • It’s fast and easy to set up, and you can manage your queues with your browser.
  • No additional devices or wiring needed.
Qminder waiting list on TV

iPads enable self-service and TVs show the wait list

  • The iPad at your location allows visitors to line up.
  • The TV shows the progress of the waiting line, and reduces the anxiety of waiting.
Qminder queue self sign in on iPad

Free support, easy DIY setup, and no tech staff needed

  • No software
  • No hour-long training.
  • No technical help needed.