Qminder is a customer service and a queue management system

We replace sign-in sheets and take-a-number systems with an iPad based solution to queue visitors up by name. This allows employees to approach visitors by name, see what's going on in the location and all the data is gathered to improve staff planning and customer service.

Qminder queuing solution in a comfortable lounge area with self-service sign-in and TV display

Qminder got started from an entrepreneurial weekend Garage48, where we quickly realized that the problem of waiting lines needs an update and that we have the team to make it happen. We care about good customer service and we wanted to work with partners who care about their customers.

Down the road we found support and funding from some of the brightest minds in Europe:

We have gone through many iterations and continue to make the product better based on our client’s feedback.

This close relationship with our clients has proven to be beneficial for both parties and today Qminder is already trusted by innovators like Google and Uber, but also traditional retailers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon.

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Today we run a profitable business and grow faster than ever. This was made possible by our great investors including the founders and first investors from companies like Skype, GrabCAD, ZeroTurnaround, Transferwise and more.

Skype logo GrabCAD ZeroTurnaround TransferWise

Feel free to reach out to us directly. We are always interested to hear how did you find Qminder and how can we help you. To follow our mission to improve the customer service world wide follow us on Twitter or Linkedin. We sometimes also post about our progress on Facebook. On YouTube you can see videos from our happy clients and the product itself.

If you care about good customer service and want to join us then check out our career page for job openings.