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Qminder overview


Qminder started in 2011, as part of the Estonia-based Garage48 startup hackathon. A small team of developers asked themselves two questions:


Why aren’t there more sophisticated queue management systems?


Why don’t we create one?

It took them 48 hours to build the prototype app, and the bonds that last to this day. Qminder’s now-CTO only joined because he was promised the main prize — a mobile phone.

But once Qminder was built, they realized they had something better on their hands. Taking the first prize was just the beginning.

Qminder founders Qminder team


Qminder has evolved over time, but the idea behind it remained simple:

Digital sign-in

Digital sign-in

Customers must have the freedom to sign into queues on their own terms, either via an on-site tablet or remotely.

Names, not numbers

Names, not numbers

Calling visitors by their actual names, not their queue ticket numbers, is a sign of respect and care.

Data rules

Data rules

You can only improve what you can measure. Yes, even the pleasantness of your customer service.

Now, Qminder is a B2B SaaS company with an international presence. Over the years, some of the world’s most influential companies — Uber, AT&T, Verizon — have recruited Qminder to solve their customer experience problems.


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Apple Premium Reseller Uber Bolt ATT Verizon John Hopkins Medicine Carrier Enterprise takealot

Qminder values

Dare to care
Dare to Care

Staying kind and understanding is a conscious act. We may deal with technologies, but our greatest asset is people.

Take responsibility
Take responsibility

We are a circle, not a hierarchy. We trust each other to take charge of our own decisions and actions.

Think long-term
Think long-term

Building to last means to build for tomorrow. We do not chase short-living trends, preferring substance over flash.

Face the challenge
Face the challenge

Challenges exist to overcome them. There is always a better way to do things — and if there isn’t, it’s time to invent one.

Be yourself
Be yourself

The same story told by two people is two different stories. We want to hear voices that speak to us, and not the ones that echo ours.

Keep it simple
Keep it simple

Anyone can make easy things complicated. If we wanted to add even more complexity to this world, we’d be working in a DMV.

Qminder team

Get to know the people behind the curtain who are building our product, supporting our customers, and creating awesome content.


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