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Customer Success Stories

A one-size-fits-all queuing solution

No matter the industry, Qminder will help you achieve customer excellence.

helpdesk queuing solution

50+ million happier visitors and counting

The world’s most successful brands trust Qminder to grow their visitor satisfaction.

Qminder has been our saving grace when organizing queues, monitoring location and staff performance, and adjusting operations accordingly.

Cristy Liaw
Senior Business Relationship Manager at St. John’s Medical Center

Qminder has brought transparency and efficiency to our check-in process for both our service delivery team, as well as the client employee.

Amanda Johnson
Vice President at Beacon OHSS

We were impressed with Qminder's reliability. Even when using it during a peak season, we did not experience any issues, and their support was always on point.

FC Truter
Product Lead at Takealot


case studies takealot

How Takealot Leverages Queuing Software to Enhance Order Collection

Learn how Takealot, one of the largest ecommerce retailers in Africa, uses queuing technology to decrease wait times and improve visitor satisfaction.

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case studies ishop

iShop Guatemala: How to Reduce Wait Times by Half

iShop is the leading Apple Premium reseller in the Republic of Guatemala. The secret to their success? Simple, they care about customer experience.

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case studies sprint

Sprint Telecom & Retail Queue Management

Creating a personal environment in a Sprint store with Qminder makes customers happy and improves sales.

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case studies stjohnsmedicalcenter

St. John’s Medical Center: The Epitome of Patient-Centered Care

Does healthcare only include medical services, or is there more to it? St. John's Medical Center shows that even queuing plays a role in patient care.

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case studies beacon

Beacon OHSS: A New Approach to Customer Service

What is rockstar customer service and how to achieve it? Take a master class from Beacon OHSS to learn how to treat your visitors the right way.

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case studies cureforthekids

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation Queue Management

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation uses Qminder to manage their queues. Patients wait in line until receptionists call for triage.

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case studies tavex

Tavex Exchange Retail Queue Management

Tavex is a leading precious metal dealer and currency trader with physical offices in all Scandinavian countries, Baltics, Poland and Bulgaria.

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case studies lhv

LHV: Managing 170,000+ Clients With a Digital Queuing System

What do banks know about customer service? LHV knows a lot, actually! Learn how LHV boosted and personalized their service by reducing queues in banks.

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case studies toastme

ToastMe Visitor Management

Sometimes, the best use of technology is the most straightforward. See how ToastMe manages its visitors traffic thanks to Qminder queue management system.

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case studies cityofmanhattanbeach

City of Manhattan Beach Visitor Management

The city of Manhattan Beach is a close-knit community that has prospered thanks in no small part to their understanding of what makes experiences great.

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case studies cityofalameda

City of Alameda Government Visitor Queue Management

Managing visitors in city permit center with Qminder. Learn how local governments can use Qminder to manage the queue.

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case studies berkeleysports

Berkeley Rec Sports: Managing Visitor Experience

Passport renewal is usually characterized by long waiting times. But does it have to be this way? Berkeley Rec Sports proves that there is a solution.

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case studies lacite

La Cité Student Management

Is it ever too late to learn? La Cité, a major community college in Canada, proves that in education, as in retail, experience is king.

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case studies ravensbourne

Ravensbourne College Queue Management

Ravensbourne College uses Qminder queue management solution. Find out how they manage the waiting list for 4,000 pieces of equipment.

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case studies westchestercommunitycollege

Westchester Community College Student Management

Despite being the county's largest university, Westchester Community College found a way to effortlessly manage 24,000 students. Why not learn from them?

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case studies ola

Ola Visitor Management System

Ola, one of the largest ride-sharing companies, proves that customer service matters. With Qminder's help, they hope to improve their service even further.

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case studies mowasalat

Mowasalat: Effectively Handling Over 7,000 Drivers

Mowasalat, a forward-thinking transportation company from Qatar, is a shining example of how to treat employees fairly, and help them achieve more.

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case studies lyft

Create Happiness in Face-to-Face Customer Service With Data: Lyft

Is that data really that all-powerful? Here's how to build a closed-loop performance management system and bring your customers happiness.

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case studies girteka

Girteka Logistics: Managing Candidate Visits

Even when there's only one day a year when you have queues, a queue management system is a must. See how Girteka Logistics manage their visitors.

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case studies travelwise

Travelwise Visitor Management Solution

Travelwise found a way to not only efficiently manage their expo visitors but also provide incredible customer service experiences.

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case studies gdt

GDT Visitor Management at Cisco Live

GDT is an IT solutions provider that specializes in delivering excellent visitor management and visitor experiences powered by advanced technologies.

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case studies ola

Ola Visitor Management System

Having over 650,000 driver partners requires a smart solution to ensure the best service at our centres. With Qminder for walk-ins, we are able to significantly optimize our driver partner operations.

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case studies oaklandairport

Oakland Airport Employee Management

Oakland Airport is a leading example of how companies can take up innovations to make the life of their employees better.

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case studies girteka

Girteka Logistics: Managing Candidate Visits

After an easy setup, we only spent 20 minutes training the team how to use Qminder. The software is extremely intuitive and simple to use.

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