Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Retail Queue Management

2017 note from Qminder: We no longer support wasteful and impersonal printers. All our clients have moved on to our new name-based, paperless queuing solution.

How Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply uses Qminder

Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply has been a wholesaler of pipes, valves and fittings servicing the Mining, Power Generation, Water Technology, Agriculture, Municipal, Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC, Commercial & Industrial markets throughout South Florida, Central and South America, and the Caribbean regions for 70 years.

Founded in 1946, Lehman Pipe has always been dedicated to offering an unparalleled level of service for their clients. Having customers as the core of their business, and their needs as priority, Lehman Pipe is dedicated to handling every order, regardless of size, with extra care. At Lehman Pipe, professionals find themselves guided with knowledgeable sales staff and their requests taken care of carefully.

Having customers’ interests in mind, Lehman Pipe found Qminder to help with queue management and to create a neat and clean report for performance assessment.

Queue Setup

  • An iPad is setup for customers to sign in.
  • Three line names are available both in English and Spanish: New Order/Nueva Orden, Will Call/Recoger, and Return/Devolución.
  • A TV is connected to display line sequence and next up.
  • Five users are added to service customers and one as manager.

At Lehman Pipe, busy is a daily routine; but this does not undermine quality of service in any sense. Customers walk in and sign themselves in on the iPad and wait patiently until their turn. Lehman Pipe services 70-100 customers a day and provides for their needs for success in their projects. They seek to build partnerships with their customers and help them succeed. In their words: “our success is directly tied to the success of our customers.”

Lehman Pipe’s success is directly tied to that of Qminder. With Qminder, Lehman manages to improve constantly: average service time, average waiting time, total serving time etc. In their own words: “We keep improving, we are getting better and better. We will be on as long as we can improve it.”

If you put your customers’ success as the first priority, if you constantly seek improvements in your business, and if you aim for best customer service, start with Qminder.

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