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Everything you need to digitize your queue management


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Includes Standard features
+ SMS notifications
+ custom sign-in and TV designs

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Service lines








API support




Customer success:

Dedicated account manager

Online support


Product training

Product training
+ team onboarding

Product training
+ team onboarding

Queue management:


iPad & TV apps

Name-based waitlist

Forwarding visitors

Returning visitors to the queue

Service time tracking

Visit planner

A special webpage that shows your customers where they can see when it is a good time to visit your shop.

Service Intelligence:

Real-time service data

Service alerts

Clerk performance reports

Location and service performance reports

Visit search function

Excel export

Google Sheets integration

iPad sign-in app:

Multiple sign-in flows

Create branching service paths based on a customer’s purpose of visit.

Custom input fields

Line categorization

Phone number permission

Ask visitors for permission to collect their phone number, in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Visitor guidance

SMS texting with customers:

SMS charges included

Automated messages

Customizable messages

Chat function

Post-service feedback

Developer support

Zapier integration

Brand design

For annual subscriptions only.


On-site consultation

SAML-based SSO

Edits to Terms of Service

Centralized control

Standardized rollout

Return security questionnaires


We offer a 14-day free trial that lets you test out all the features. The trial can be extended if needed. Please contact our team if you want to extend your trial.

Qminder lets your customers queue up remotely via Visit Planner while keeping a communication channel open with you via SMS text messages.

The most suitable plan for you depends on your use case. If in doubt, please contact us at Our customer success team can help you evaluate which features would benefit your use case the most.

Yes. We want to offer both you and your customers a premium experience without any hassle. Using Apple devices pretty much guarantees it.

The hardware expenses depend on your preferred level of involvement.

To use Qminder at its most basic, you only need a web browser, on either your computer or smart device. If you want to use a self-service solution, you need an iPad and a stand. If you want a visitor guidance solution, you need an Apple TV.

To purchase the required hardware, please contact your local Apple reseller.

Our minimum subscription plan is one month, and you can cancel anytime. You can also upgrade or downgrade your current plan as you see fit.

A credit card is not required for the free trial.

Most common questions and issues are answered/resolved in our knowledge base (support). If you cannot find an answer there, you can contact us through the live chat where our customer success team and developers can get back to you. Every client also has a dedicated account manager who ensures they get the most value out of Qminder during their stay with us.

A credit card is the preferred payment method. We also accept wire transfers from clients with an annual subscription.

Yes, free product updates are included and will not result in an extra charge. All the product updates/changes are communicated to our clients in advance.

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Free trial includes Standard features + SMS notifications


${{ annual == false ? '299' : '329' }} /monthly per location

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Custom pricing

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