Qminder apps form a queue management solution
which enables you to enhance your customer's experience.

With these apps you can manage your customers more efficiently.

Access to Qminder across all your devices.

Dashboard App

  • Dashboard app where you manage your queue from a browser, iPad or iPhone.
  • Real-time location statistics like wait time, employee performance data, service time.
  • Smart notification about new visitors, above average wait-times and more.
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Self-Service Sign-In App

  • The Sign-In app enables visitors to sign in from an iPad.
  • Your Sign-In device is wireless, so you can place your iPad wherever suits you.
  • The self-service interface is intuitive and engaging for the visitors.
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Our customers use Qminder to serve their visitors more efficiently.
Watch the waiting time and reduce the size of your queues.
Qminder is used in the following cross section of consumer services.

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