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Qminder Ebook Is Here! Digitizing Queue Management in Healthcare

We’ve just released our first ebook, Digitizing Queue Management in Healthcare. And yes, it’s absolutely free!

A bit of history. Throughout the years, we’ve published a lot of articles on healthcare: from musings on patient experience to step-by-step guides to managing staff.

Many of the articles aimed at hospitals have quickly become our most-read ones. There’s been great interest in all things healthcare, which made us ourselves ask one simple question — why let these sought-after articles cover web dust? Why not update them, expand upon them, and repackage them into a nifty new format?

So, we did exactly that, by creating Digitizing Queue Management in Healthcare.

This ebook is the product of love, and it consolidates our best thoughts and ideas on queue management in healthcare. Even if you don’t work in healthcare, we think you’ll like it.

Why? Because it’s an easy read that explains things that are often left unexplained. There’s not enough information out there about queue management in healthcare, and our book bridges these gaps nicely.

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Also, have you seen the design?

The package is only as good as its content. Over the course of four chapters, you will learn why waiting is one of the more important aspect of the overall hospital experience.

Chapter one is dedicated to patient experience. This chapter will delve into the common struggles of an average patient, and offer tips on how to best resolve them.

Chapter two is about the other side of patient care — medical staff. This chapter will go over the importance of creating good working environment, and how poor employee experience results in awful patient experience.

Chapter three is a love letter to Beacon OHSS, one of our nicest partners. This chapter will show you in practice how a queue management system can help a medical facility become the best version of itself.

Chapter four goes over the infamous HIPAA and the myths surrounding it. This chapter will resolve some of the misconceptions of medical professionals and help them embrace the technology for superior healthcare experience.

Since this is our first (but not last!) ebook to date, we can officially call it our most polished book yet. Most ebooks are typically hastily thrown-together PDF compilations of articles, with little regard to how well it looks, reads and flows.

But the Q in Qminder stands for quality! That’s why we’ve put a lot of time and effort into making the end-result all shiny and pretty. We hope it shows.

Here, take a look! Again, the book is completely free. The one small thing that we ask in return is that you share it with people who you think might enjoy it.

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