A scalable
queuing system for dispensaries

Qminder helps boutique, enterprise and franchise cannabis retailers manage lines, reduce wait times and increase revenue.

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cannabis dispensary queuing system

Deliver modern, best-in-class retail experiences

Fast and flexible check-in process

Keep lines in your CBD dispensary moving with easy check-ins by allowing customers to sign in by themselves.

Drive customer satisfaction and serve visitors in a streamlined, efficient manner.

checkmarkReduce wait times and walkaways with virtual queuing

checkmarkDisperse crowded waiting areas

checkmarkMinimize confusion via digital signage

checkmarkUpdate customers with two-way SMS texting

cannabis dispensary queuing

Tailored shopping experiences

Whether it’s online, delivery or in-store, CBD consumers expect superior, tailored shopping experiences.

Understand what drives your customers and deliver customized experiences based on their profiles.

checkmarkSet up automatic SMS notifications

checkmarkChat with customers and share updates

checkmarkAccess history of customers' interactions

checkmarkUse custom inputs to gather additional customer data

cannabis dispensary queuing

Robust performance analytics

See how your dispensary is performing over time by analyzing real-time metrics and accessing historical data.

Filter, sort and organize data to establish trends and patterns in visiting hours, customer behavior and staff performance.

checkmarkGet real-time data visualization

checkmarkTake advantage of centralized data and custom reports

checkmarkStay on top with multi-location visibility tools

checkmarkUpgrade staff management with team performance analytics

cannabis dispensary queuing
Easy setup

Easy setup

Get started in minutes. Qminder is a SaaS cannabis dispensary queuing platform that can be set up with minimal friction.

We exclusively use Apple products to ensure a low risk of software and hardware malfunction.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

No need for 24/7 on-site maintenance. We will not only walk you through the setup process but also help you get the most out of Qminder features.

Your dispensary team will get a dedicated account manager who will be in charge of getting you acclimated to new process.

Customizable features

Customizable features

Implement a first-come, first-served approach and SMS messaging. Complement your workflow with customized features.

Download the feature list here.

Rich reporting tools

Rich reporting tools

Scan for patterns and emerging issues in customer service and staff performance. Leverage custom reports to get as granular as you like: ticket categories, status, and level of priority.

Social distancing

Social distancing

Focus on your visitors' safety by letting them join a virtual queue without physically interacting with anyone.

Keep the doorways of your dispensary clear by limiting the nummber of on-site visitors and updating the customers via SMS texting.



Roll up and roll out! Qminder helps you not only optimize your perfrormance results but also scale them up.

Monitor multiple dispensaries at once and maintain a consistent, high-quality level of customer service.

Who wins with Qminder

cannabis dispensary queue management

Your customers

Invest in customer experience by focusing on the convenience of your visitors.

Your customers will feel catered to as you serve them on a more personalized level.

✔️ Easy-to-join virtual waitlist

✔️ History of visitor interactions

✔️ Timely SMS updates

cannabis dispensary queue management

Sales associates

Provide personalized shopping experiences while streamlining dispensary operations.

Keep your hosts meeting and greeting customers instead of tracking them by hand.

✔️ Automated queuing process

✔️ Customer engagement tools

✔️ Robust collaboration features

cannabis dispensary queue management

Store managers

Manage employees, track performance across dispensaries and automate reporting.

Find opportunities for expanding revenue with instant, comprehensive data.

✔️ Staff performance overview

✔️ In-depth service reports

✔️ Multi-location visibility

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