click and collect management solution

A personal click & collect system

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click and collect management solution

The Zen of Click & Collect Service

click and collect management system

Click and collect is a shopping process where you buy products online and come to a physical location to collect them.

The problem is, businesses tend to focus on the “click” aspect while neglecting the “collect” part.

66% of customers are likely to switch to another retailer after a bad click-and-collect experience. For 30% of click & collect users, long waiting times are the deciding factor.

A click & collect queue management system takes care of the “collect” aspect, making sure the collection visit is simple and pleasant.

Drive Sales

Once your customers find and purchase what they want online, your store needs to deliver a smooth collection experience. Creating an enjoyable click & collect customer experience ensures that your visitors continue to choose your service and recommend it to others.

checkmark Reduce actual and perceived waiting times.

checkmark Keep customers informed about the status of their order.

checkmark Match your customers with the most appropriate employees.

click and collect experience

Improve Staff Efficiency

Click & collect queuing system allows your stockroom employees to prepare an order as soon as your customer enters the store and checks in. Keep employees productive and fulfilled by providing them with accessible data and insights about each customer.

checkmark Take the burden off your staff by making collection easy and stress-free.

checkmark Let your employees engage your customers every step of the way.

checkmark Help your staff stay informed with timely notifications.

click and collect management

Data-Empowered Services

With API integration, you can connect our system to a large number of other databases, greatly expanding both quantity and quality of your business insights. Use web-based queue management system to always stay on top of your data game.

checkmark Back up your decisions with relevant real-time reports and statistics.

checkmark Use visitor information to better understand who and why you are servicing.

checkmark Assess employee efficiency with performance data.

click and collect service

Take a Cue From This Successful Click-And-Collect Store

De Bijenkorf is a chain of department stores in the Netherlands. Its flagship stores in Amsterdam and Hague successfully use Qminder to help visitors with collecting their purchases.

click and collect store click and collect store click and collect store

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