Self-service check-in kiosk

Empower your visitors to check themselves in and reduce the workload of your clerks.


Efficient check-in, fast customer service

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Give customers the means for self-service

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Automate customer check-in

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Reduce labor and operational costs

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Prioritize customers based on their needs

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Create a personal experience

Self check-in for better service

Give customers the means for self-service

Give visitors the freedom to wander about after they check in. Keeping queues virtual helps disperse crowding in waiting areas, and gives customers peace of mind.

Fast and easy visitor registration

No physical lines

Increased customer satisfaction


Gather important information

Ask for any information that would help you offer more relevant service and contact your customers. Better understand the wants of your visitors and prioritize them based on their specific needs.

Learn of customers’ unique needs before the service starts

Empower both the clerks and the back office with customer data

Optimize customer service based on wait time metrics

Flexible configuration to fit your service flow

Optimize your approach to each customer based on what service they are seeking. Gather relevant check-in information to cut service time and more efficiently triage customers.

Organize service flow through service lines

Configure check-in process through branching flows

Edit the check-in flow at any time, with zero fuss


Designed with simplicity in mind

Qminder self-service kiosks are designed to be used by customers and staff who are even unfamiliar with digital tools. Save on maintenance costs, and onboard your customer service reps with ease.

Pick up and start using in minutes

Limit your service flow based on opening hours

Available in 45+ languages

“Our customers now know that they are waiting for the service and when their turn is. They are free to move around the showroom, which results in better engagement.”

Chris Scott

Showroom Manager at Lancaster Archery Supply

“Our goal is to make five minutes seem like 30 seconds. The customer doesn’t mind waiting and can browse through the store. Qminder helps create that environment.”

George Frankie McAllister

Store Manager, Sprint Telecom

“Qminder has drastically improved the workflow of our phlebotomy draw station. There are no more patients waiting in line to sign in on a paper sign in sheet. Office staff no longer have to leave their seat to check the sign-in sheet, and we now get to triage patients.”

Christina Lathrop

LIS Analyst, Day Kimball Healthcare

“Most customers have not come across this kind of system and set-up for service. Qminder’s cleverly designed iPad screen sparks our customers’ curiosity instantly and they think ‘Wow, what is that awesome thing? I would like to try and see how this works!’ ”

Sten Senkel

Denmark Region Manager, Tavex Group

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