Customer service intelligence

Drive customer excellence through precise queue management analytics.

customer service intelligence

Base decisions on service intelligence insights

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Get real-time data from service lines and locations

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Gain valuable insights into customer behavior

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Identify and eliminate service bottlenecks

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Measure and improve your staff’s productivity

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Reports to share with team and management

Better customer service, at lower costs

Boost operational efficiency

Gain a deeper understanding of how your locations and employees are performing. Keep an eye on rush hours, wait times, service irregularities and delays to troubleshoot customer service on the go.

Real-time overview of location performance metrics

Keep track of individual employee performance

Ups and downs in foot traffic and engagement

customer service optimization
team performance overview

Empower the frontline employees

Equip your service staff to better prepare for customer visits. Plan out staff training and scheduling, and allocate the right service reps to the right service spot, at the right time.

Fine-tune service strategies with visitor data

Optimize staff allocation in real time

Service alerts to seamlessly react to issues

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior

Improve your daily service operations with precise, hard numbers. Get your performance data as granular or as broad as you like, and receive regular reports in time for business meetings.

Collect and compare service data across different locations

Get performance reports delivered to your inbox

Access the full history of interactions with each customer

customer behavior insights
eliminate customer pain points

Eliminate pain points

Identify the shortcomings of your service strategy to account for changes in foot traffic and behavior. Drive customer excellence, based on actionable insights updated in real time.

Pinpoint and predict service trends across multiple locations

Gather individual customer details for later use

Reduce walkaways and no-shows by identifying pain points

Executive analytics reports

Qminder gives you the tools to accurately measure and easily share the performance of your locations. Use key data to keep track of KPIs and see the results of business and service decisions.

Export performance reports to Excel and Google Sheets

Team and location-specific reports

API integration to feed the data into your CRM/BI system

business intelligence reports

See Qminder service analytics in action

“Qminder increases the overall performance of the front desk. When we pull up the statistics, we can see who’s checking in the most people, and who is actually doing what.”

nevada logo

Jamey Felsing

Director of Information Technology, Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada

“The data from Qminder helps us identify all the potential bottlenecks in the customer service chain. We can, on an on-going basis, monitor and compare the results of our customer service representatives, and tackle swiftly all challenges that may occur.”

tavex group logo

Sten Senkel

Denmark Region Manager, Tavex Group

“Qminder has been our saving grace when organizing queues, monitoring location and staff performance, and adjusting operations accordingly.”

st johns medical center

Cristy Liaw

Senior Business Relationship Manager, St John's Medical Center

“Qminder has increased visibility from a management level to ensure we are meeting key internal metrics for wait times by providing the data we need to manage staffing levels at our various locations based on patient volumes.”

beacon occupation health safety services

Amanda Johnson

Vice President, Beacon Occupational Health and Safety Services

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