A superior waiting experience, on display

Give your visitors peace of mind by informing and guiding them via TVs.

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Digital signage at an all-new level

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Minimize service reps' workload

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Achieve full customer visibility

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Provide clear directions and support

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Reduce anxiety and walkaways

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Create a personal experience

Show great customer service in full screen

Clear and simple waiting list display

Take the chaos out of waiting by providing relevant queuing information. Show your guests their queue status in a real-time waiting list, and call them forward when you are ready for service.

Show a clear order of service

Update the waitlist in real time

Display visitors' first names


Address customers by their names

Call up visitors by their actual names, not queue ticket numbers, to show your respect and care. Build rapport with your customers and establish that much-needed human connection.

Personal touch from the first step

Name-based waitlist status and notifications

Full name hidden for privacy preservation

Eliminate the confusion in your waiting room

Improve visitor wayfinding through attention-grabbing notifications. Alert customers of their turn, and direct them to the right point of service and the right service agent.

Grab attention with alerts

Guide to the right service spot

Seamlessly update the waitlist


Flexible and scalable

Set up multiple TVs for a larger room or dedicate TVs to show different waiting lines. Customize the look and feel of Qminder TV to fit your brand identity.

Multiple TVs to cover the entire waiting area

Custom branding and design

Available in multiple languages

See Qminder digital signage in action

Now that our customers can clearly see on the TV whether they are next up, they feel free to move around the showroom.

Chris Scott

Showroom Manager at Lancaster Archery Supply

Once we started calling customers by name, the look of pleasant surprise in their eyes confirmed that we've made the right choice.

Catherine Sainte-Marie

Manager of Customer Service, La Cité Collégiale

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