Queue management dashboard

A simple yet powerful queue management tool for service clerks and location managers to enhance the customer experience.


Empower clerks with Qminder Dashboard

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Offer personalized, name-based customer service

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Get a powerful toolkit to deal with walk-ins

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Prepare for each visit thanks to customer insights

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Speed up the service flow

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Boost your service location’s efficiency

All you need to service customers, right on your screen

Personalized customer service

Equipped with valuable customer insights, make a lasting first impression. Address visitors by name to build rapport with them and establish a genuine connection from the get-go.

Greet and address customers by name

Capture each customer’s details and reason for visit

Get customer insights to offer personalized service


Communicate and collaborate

Help your colleagues prepare for visits by exchanging crucial visitor information. Leave notes to share an important detail about individual customers, or take over the other service rep’s clients to speed up the service process.

Shareable notes and insights

Make use of each visitor’s history of prior interactions

Measure and compare each other’s performance

Flexible service flow

Pick and choose how to interact with each customer, on a case-by-case basis. Manage individual visitors in just a few clicks: assign to a new service rep, reorder the waitlist, or add to a different line.

Manage and service customers on the fly

Freely reassign visitors to specific lines or coworkers

Prioritize customers with urgent needs


Manage your location with ease


Optimize your service process

With service performance data at your disposal, figure out the most efficient way to serve your customers. Plan out the entire service process with branching flows to minimize wait times and maximize satisfaction.

Create multi-line service flows

Branching service paths for faster checkout

Service data to help you make management decisions

Real-time overview your location’s performance

Understand how to make the service experiences stand out through live data. Base your service decisions on vital metrics: the amount of customers, average wait time, service time, traffic trends, and more.

Keep track of your location even from a distance

Prevent customer service issues before they occur

Build your workflow around the service trends


Full onboarding in minutes

Qminder service dashboard is intuitive and can be set up in minutes. Mastering dashboard features requires next to no technical knowledge, and is accessible to employees of all backgrounds, ages, languages and levels of expertise.

Intuitive use that requires little to no training

A dedicated customer support manager

Free dedicated support from Qminder

See Qminder service dashboard in action

“Having over 650,000 driver partners requires a smart solution that helps ensure the best service at our centres. With Qminder for walk-ins, we are able to significantly optimise our driver partner operations.”

Sumit Tuteja

Supply Product Head, Ola

"It has allowed us to look at volumes, trends, wait times. This has helped us dramatically improve our processes."

Mary Zajac

Office Manager, Day Kimball Healthcare

“We can see who’s checking in the most people and who is actually doing what. We really like the analytics it’s giving us, and the overall performance of the front desk has been so much better.”

Jamey Felsing

Director of Information Technology, Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada

"Customers are now being serviced in an orderly and efficient manner. Customer expectations are set from the moment they wait in queue, and are satisfied with the service times being provided to them. Qminder has brought down the long wait times of our customers and also improved the service times of our employees.”

Paul Jun A. Timtiman

Project Lead & IT Support Terminals, Odfjell Ship Management Phils., Inc.

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