SMS queue management system

Manage your queues and customers via SMS text messaging.


Free your customers from the need to stand in line with simple SMS queuing:

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Inform and notify visitors in real time

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Disperse crowding in waiting areas

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Manage customer expectations

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Build rapport with customers

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Get relevant customer feedback

Take the “mess” out of your message

Hey, Jane! You are now in line.
We'll text you when we're ready to service you.
Keep your eyes peeled 👀
Hey Jane, we'll be calling you shortly.
Feel free to walk around in the meantime.
PS: If you like coffee, there's a great café around the corner ☕️ 😉
How's your day so far, Jane? We'll be ready to serve you in a few minutes.
By the way, heads up! You'll need to bring your ID.
Hey, Jane! It seems that you've checked into the wrong line. You need paper renewal, right?
Hi! Yes, sorry!
No worries, I've moved you in the right service line. See you soon!
Jane, we'll be waiting for you at Desk 2.
Don't forget to bring your ID and the documents you want to renew!
Hey Jane, thanks for visiting us!
Was our service everything you hoped for?
Please help us out by completing this short survey! 🤗

Confirm customer check-in

Give customers peace of mind by providing relevant queuing information. Engage visitors every step of their waiting experience, and call them forward when you are ready for service.

Give customers peace of mind

Show your brand's personality from the first interaction

Establish a human connection

Disperse crowding in waiting areas

Free up your waiting rooms and lobbies. Let customers roam freely without worrying about missing their turn.

No need for physical lines

Aid in social distancing

Give customers freedom of movement

Update on service changes or delays

Keep your customers in the loop when it comes to service requirements, policy changes, or possible delays.

Automated service alerts

Update customers on their queue status

Call up customers for service

Automate and tailor your messages

Create personalized templates for different service lines, or chat in person to keep this human connection strong.

Customizable message template

Address customers by name

Engage in a two-way SMS chat with customers

Call visitors up for service

Notify your customers when their turn comes, and guide them to the right service point or checkout location.

Automatically notify of a coming turn

Guide to the right service spot

Remind customers of service requirements

Ask for customer feedback

Get instant feedback from you customers as soon as their visit is concluded. Improve your services based on their first-hand experiences with them.

Send a nice thank-you message

Gather customer feedback

Integrate easily with your CRM

“Qminder helps us take care of clients in the order they arrive, and gives them peace of mind, from knowing that they are in the queue.”

David Bogart

Store Manager, Verizon

“We and our clients are very happy with Qminder text messaging/SMS solution. There is just no more stress – clients can spend their waiting time how ever they want and easily find the right desk or room for appointment too.”

Kristel Roostfeldt

Head of Client Services, LHV Bank

“Our customers used to pace around in the lobby area waiting to be called. Now they can walk away and get texted automatically when it is their turn.”

Aaron Krassner

Director of Testing, Bucks County Community

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