queue management system

Queue management system for waiting lines & walk-ins at physical locations

All the means to greet, inform and interact with your visitors at stores, clinics, schools and more.

Engage with visitors every step of the way

Inform visitors about service status: Give them peace of mind

Greet visitors on site and capture their wishes

Provide personal customer experience and follow up with others

Gather data and insights for Service Intelligence

Qminder queuing solution takes care of your visitors on site through all service touchpoints. Greet, inform, serve and gather data for Service Intelligence.

Qminder iPad-based queue management kiosk visitor self sign-in

iPad-based queue management kiosk

Make your visitors engage and sign-in for service once they arrive or at the moment of their choice. No expensive queuing ticket printers.

The key to a great queue management system is a great service flow. Set up iPad kiosks at the entrances or key spots at your location. Let visitors tell you who they are and why they came in for. Manage the queue better by allowing customers to shop during the wait. Your employees will get all the information needed to offer them the best personal customer service.

Be an innovator. Impress clients by using the latest technology and ditching wasteful printers.

Available for Apple iPad. Download Qminder sign-in solution on the App store.

download on the app store

Greet visitors with self-service sign-in iPad kiosk
Ask for visitors' name, reason of visit, email or more.

Endless setup possibilities
Set up as many iPads as you need at no extra cost.

Greet and serve visitors in their preferred language. Manage the queue in your own language.

Wireless flexibility
Place iPad queue management kiosks at hotspots. No wires or outlets needed.

queue management system benefits and waiting list display

Organize the chaos
Qminder is an easy queue management system for everyone.

Flexible queuing solution
Set up multiple TVs for a larger room or dedicate TVs to show different waiting lines.

Qminder works on any TV
Just connect Apple TV to the TV you have.

Clear, but discreet
The TV calls for attention with sound and visual alerts. Only first names are shown for privacy.

Queue management system benefits

Provide visitors a peace of mind by implementing an experience-oriented queue management system. With Qminder you can have organized queues and reduce walk-outs.

When is my turn? How long do I have to wait? Where to go next? Instead of anxiety, give your visitors peace of mind by informing and guiding them with a TV display in the waiting room.

Queue management systems are designed to reduce wait times. Qminder does more than that: as an experience-oriented queue management system, we reduce the perceived waiting times as well. When the service and experience are on-point, your visitors will be more than happy to wait.

Available for Apple TV. Download Qminder waiting list on the App store.

download on the app store
web based realt ime queue management system

Smart, web based, real time queue management

Qminder is a web based queue management system. It’s intuitive and easy to use for everyone, on any device. All you need to get started is your browser.

With an easy queuing solution, Qminder allows your staff to focus on what they do best: provide amazing customer service and experience. Build strong customer relations easier by noting down staff comments, resolutions, and follow-up information within Qminder’s dashboard.

Our real time queue management system strengthens brand loyalty. Call visitors by their names and build trust by showing you know them.

Access via web browser of any computer, tablet or smartphone. Use where and when you need.

No training needed
Easy and intuitive to use. Personal online help from the founders.

Mobile & flexible
Engage with your visitors on the shop floor or in waiting area.

Get insights
Let your staff note down interesting facts about your visitors.

Save e-mails and phone numbers to get back with most relevant offers!

Queue management with SMS Chat Queue Management wait status

Message your visitors

Allow your visitors to walk around freely. In case you have a large shop floor or long waiting times. Stay connected with all your visitors. Use Qminder to notify them via SMS when it's their turn.

Qminder allows you to chat with your visitors with built-in SMS chat in our web-based queue management system. Will they be on time? Do they have the necessary documents? Do they have any questions?

Talk with customers wherever they are and make your service truly exceptional.

Start greeting, queuing and serving your visitors in minutes.

Full system access. 14 days for free.
No credit card required.



Qminder's queuing system saves information from each visit and employee interaction, providing you with valuable data and insights.

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